The Perfect Little Thing

I do not think there is a question about who stands out here!
My human went to the San Diego Cat Show over the weekend. My breeder was showing a kitten. I think you can guess which one was hers!

She knows all the good poses.
She was the most perfect little thing, and at six months already an experienced show cat. My human was bummed that she had to take photos from so far away, but she was late to both rings she attended and wound up behind the chairs.

The ear tufts on this kitty were amazing!
There were lots of different kittens competing. One was this Maine Coon.

This one was not a bad show kitty either!
And this Russian Blue kitten.

This is a face that breaks hearts.
But, as often happens when there is a Somali in the ring, people gasped in awe when she was brought out of her cage. There are not that many Somalis around, and humans are always enchanted by our beauty, especially when they see one this special.

She was so patient during it all.
I think the judge was a little bit in love with her too.

You can see that her sweet nature shines through.
In the other ring my human attended, there was a second Somali kitten — a red boy.

I think bad thoughts were going through the boy Somali’s mind while the girl was being examined.

Her sweet, outgoing nature was actually bred into her... along with her looks.
Here she is, admiring her ribbons. Only moments after this shot was taken, she was swept off to the airport! She is going to live in Russia, where they really need high quality Somali cats like her. The woman who flew out for her talked to my breeder for four years before she agreed to let her have one of her cats. I hope she had a safe flight… although I get the sneaking suspicion that she pranced through customs and charmed TSA. My breeder was so sad to see her go. She was very attached to her — but she also wants to make sure the Somali breed thrives.

Do you think I am trying too hard?
My human asked if the kitten and I share any ancestry, and my breeder had to think really hard. We do, but it is several generations back. Still, I think there is a resemblance. Do you?

* * *
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  1. says

    Such beautiful kitty babies! The little Somali girl is indeed gorgeous–and we’re all quite taken with the Maine Coon as well! With so many beautiful kittens, who could choose a favorite?!

  2. says

    Beautiful. The somalis wow the judges and audience here too .Paws crossed for a safe journey. We know in the cat breeding world it is very important to spread the gene pool.

  3. says

    As the document was opening, I glanced at the 2nd picture and wondered why you were in a cage. With so many unwanted cats, I’m not down with breeders or cat shows, but I’m glad your relative won. Somalis are gorgeous cats. I know you support ferals so I’m not judging you. You’ve done a ton of good for us cats. Of course, I was partial to the Russian Blue.

  4. says

    Wow, what a beautiful girl the Somali is! We wish her a safe trip to Russia. Loved all your pics of the cat show. Somalis are such a beautiful breed for sure.

  5. says

    At first glance I thought it was YOU Sparkle. But then I knew you would not be in a cage in a show like that. She was a very pretty girl. I hope she has a good life in Russia.

  6. jmuhj says

    We believe that a Supreme Grand Champion and Royal Queen like yourself is *nonpareil*. But yes, there is that certain resemblance. By the way, a friend of our servant’s has a very handsome young Somali mancat; she’s lost touch with him, but hopes he and his caregiver are doing very well indeed. :)

  7. Baby Tali says

    She is so purrty like you Sparkle..I hope she wasn’t too scared on that big airplane ride..I sure would be..

  8. FuzzMother says

    What a sweet and beautiful little girl kitty. I know you must have been a beautiful baby, Sparkle, because look at you now! Hope she has a safe trip and a lovely home.

    We are two Somali girls. Our Mom came from the Dushara cattery in Denmark and we were born in Canada. We now live in New York State with five rescue kitties and a female human. Our breeders wanted to widen the gene pool in order to improve the health of the breed so that is why they imported our Mother. Our human was heartbroken when she had to put down her first Somali cat–a ruddy boy whom she adored–in August of 2011. She said that she could not imagine living without a Somali and went to Canada to get one and ended up with us! As far as humans go, she’s not so bad and pretty easy to train. Purrs.

    Serafina and Arya

  9. says

    RUSSIA?! OMC! That’s so far away. MomKatt could NEVER do that. She’s SOOOO beautiful! I hope she had a good flight & is happy in her new home!


  10. says

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! I just found this post – don’t know how I missed it!
    LOL if you have her name and her parents’ names…I bet I could track it.

    Those are great show photos, too. I’ve never seen a red Somali before. How many Abys were there? Do you remember who the judges were?

  11. says

    A wonderful post and real cool photos!

    Cat shows are always interesting and fun, wish we could attend, but it’s OK to seetle for our humans to go and take pics and notes for us to tell the story.

    As yoou know Daddy Kiril went to the Houston Cat Club show last month, aqnd we are writng up his report, with lots of pictures.

    There will be more this week…finally! 😀


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