Taxing Monday

I am up to my paws in paperwork!
I spent the weekend helping my human get her taxes together for her appointment with her CPA today! It was awful, not because the paperwork was disorganized — my human is pretty good at keeping things in order — but because last year was one of her worst ever for income, and every receipt and tick of the calculator was just a reminder of how bad it was.

Nothing is going to make these figures add up to something happy.
I kept looking under bills in search of misplaced income but I could not find any!

Too bad eBay does not allow you to sell kitties!
Hm. I wonder how much money I could get for Binga?

* * *
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  1. says

    You friends are such fabulous helpers, I bet mom there appreciated a lot!Now you deserve a peaceful nap and some treats.
    I wish you a nice week,
    purrs and love

  2. says

    Oh Sparkle, you wouldn’t sell Binga would you?? Then you wouldn’t have anything to complain about. Keep looking for that income. Take care.

  3. says

    MomKatt was doing the same thing this weekend, Sparkle. Good that you & Binga helped! Maybe I could get something for Boudicca …..


  4. says

    Yep! When Mom had her own consulting business she did that same search; for 23 years!! Now, Mom and Dad are retired and they have a fixed for life income…good news and not so good news…puzzled ears, Savannah

  5. Baby Tali says

    Yeah Sparkle..our human beans are always looking for some of that income too..but they always make sure we kitties have lots of food and toys..and most important..lots of hugs and kisses and love..please don’t sell Binga..she is purreciousl..

  6. says

    Binga is priceless! :) Most of our mommy’s clients don’t want much income at tax time so they try to minimize it instead of looking for more so she’s very impressed with your human!

  7. says

    It’s good to get it over with early. I intend to procrastinate, however.
    First you have to brush and play with the cats who are sitting on the receipts…

  8. says

    Oh Sparkle, you wouldn’t! (Or would you?) Put your heads together and keep looking! Purrs….and thank you for your kind words over the loss of our Seth this past weekend. Our hearts are healing slowly.

  9. says

    Well, *I’D* pay a bunch for Binga, but we had a pretty dry year ourselves. Well, I guess *we* didn’t, but my mom did (and empathizes with yours). And I haven’t gotten an allowance in years! :-(

  10. says

    Mom Paula finished her return late last night, but found out she can’t submit it yet because the form for her small business is changing and the IRS hasn’t revised it yet! She’s very frustrated because she’s scheduled to get some green papers back.

  11. says

    Ugh! Don’t remind us! We need to do that too! They keep telling us how things are getting better, but we don’t believe it. We don’t know anyone who is better off than a year or two ago. And then health care costs keep going up. Its going to be bad for a while yet we think.

  12. says

    That depends on if you’re going to sell her by the pound or the purr. (I have been dying to get Miss Jack sold by the pound, I’d make a fortune! I even encourage her to eat more!) hehheh

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  13. says

    I don’t know why but everytime my concentration is like with paper work on my desk, my little one just has to sit on top of everything and get attention. lol

  14. says

    My Mommy has barely started yet. She says it is too depressing. At least she says her expenses were higher, so when she balances that against her income, it might even out ti the year before.
    And Kozmo has ruined the sorted papers (with only a little help from me)
    PS if yous gets a good price for Binga, see if theys wants a Tuxie Boy Cat

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