Small Business Caturday FAIL

I need a new sales and marketing team!

We had a terrible Small Business Caturday! It started off when my human was leaving for the cat show. I forgot she was vending, and when I saw her with her backpack-on-rollers, I thought she was leaving town! I got upset and wouldn’t speak to her. So things got off on the wrong foot (paw).

I have LOTS of cards!

My human set up the table with my books, calendars and cards — and some Nip Knots. Since the table was in a better location than last year — right in front of the stage — she thought she would do better than last year. But she did worse!

This kitty did not place, so he did not have to wear the hat too long

This show was called “Cats and Hats,” and sure enough, there was a contest with a bunch of humans putting hats on their cats. Boy am I glad this was not me!

This Somali actually LIKED being manhandled - crazy!

There was a really gorgeous blue Somali at the show… and can you believe he actually enjoyed himself? The judge put him on the table and he laid down and began rolling around! I would never have been that relaxed.

Good-bye, Small Business Caturday!

The bottom line is that my human just barely sold enough to pay the (really inexpensive) vending fee and parking. After taxes, I think she wound up with about five dollars. The worst part is, since she thought she was going to do better, she bought more calendars than last year! Now she is so discouraged she will probably not do any more shows and we are stuck with 16 calendars. (Out of 20, she sold two at the show and one of our blogging friends bought one online from an old link… plus one is spoken for.) So if you were thinking of buying one (or more) of my calendars, please do so below instead of buying them from Zazzle for now (of course, you can still buy my cards and other items from my Zazzle shop) — I am hoping we don’t lose money this year:

2013 Cat Rules Calendar

* * *
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  1. says

    We’re sorry to hear there weren’t many sales for your Mom on Saturday – I know many people are having to cut right back here in the UK so perhaps it is the same in the USA too. Give your Mom a gentle headbutt and hopefully it will make her feel a little better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. says

    Sparkle, that is too bad that the Mom didn’t sell anything. That is so discouraging. Hope you can get some of those calendars sold here on your blog. Guess money is short everywhere. Take care.

  3. says

    We’re sorry it didn’t go well, we had hoped it would be a huge success.

    Tell your human not to give up, times are tough for many of us, and if it’s a choice between food and extras one doesn’t need…. :-(

  4. says

    Oh Sparkle!!! :( :(

    I’m so sorry things didn’t go well! That IS discouraging!

    Yes, you guys CAN’T give up. Things ARE getting better and WILL get better … it’s just going to take some time.


    Selina & MomKatt Laura

    PS – That Blue Somali was gorgeous!

  5. says

    We are so sorry that this was such a bad day. When Äiti goes to cat shows she always wonders why there aren’t more great stalls and things on sale. But I have persuaded her to buy a calendar (I think we now have about three calendars for each room).
    But don’t let your human give up!

  6. Mandi says

    I am so sorry to hear that the day did not go well. I already have one of your calendars, and I have to say it is beautiful! Hopefully your owner sells the ones she has!!

  7. says

    I am so sorry this didn’t go well. My human ordered your calendar recently, otherwise she would have ordered one now.
    I will share this though, maybe it can help!
    Difficult times :-(
    Lots of purrs to you and your human

  8. says

    Oh no! We are very sorry to hear that Small Business Caturday did not go well, Sparkle. We hope you are able to sell those calendars here on your blog, and that things really pick up as the shopping season progresses. Hugs!

  9. says

    Oh noes! I is so sorry to hear this Sparkle. Your human sure did her best and thought it would work out, this happens to momma a lot with new stuff she tries. It can be discouraging and you get stuck with stuff. Maybe we can do a promo with your book and a calendar at a good deal or something. Let your human know to contact momma if she is interested.

  10. says

    We’re sorry to hear that the Small Business Caturday was a fail Sparkle. Our mommy is doing one craft show this year and she’s afraid she’s going to get the same result since others are saying people are looking but not buying. Hope things turn around soon!

  11. says

    So sorry to hear your mom had a bad sales day. I never would have thought that would happen to her. I gave up shows (art and cards) a few years ago. I never (ever) did any good at them. Your mom is a pro, though. She should never have to endure such things.

  12. says

    Sparkle, I am bummed to hear this. If it’s any consolation, we are having a Cyber Monday Fail as well–the store’s host is acting up with PayPal. I don’t know. Some days it seems like maybe we should all stick to napping!

  13. says

    We are sorry things didn’t go as planned. We’ve had a lot of expenses with the mom having tests and surgery. Its probably the same for many people, just different kinds of expenses. They keep saying the economy is getting better but we don’t believe it and haven’t seen it. We think they think if they tell us its better enough times, we will believe it, but the proof is in the pocket book.

  14. says

    Well, rats, Sparkle! We’re sorry the event didn’t go well. We hope the calenders will go fast through your blog; we’ll be sure to grab one. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

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