Rescue Across Borders

This is exactly how I would deal with being there.

Don’t ever think that breed cats get special treatment when they wind up in kill shelters. Some, in fact, have it worse. The Somali cat above almost died in a kill shelter, but he came to the attention of several blogging kitties and humans.

You see, Somali cats, and their close relations, Abyssinians, do not do well, caged up in a cold, impersonal ACC. It is awful for any cat, but Abys and Somalis like me, are busy, people oriented cats who tend to bond closely with one human. Some of us are like monkeys, using our paws like hands and getting into trouble. Even if we are calmer, we are still pretty quirky. Put us in a cage and we will withdraw or maybe lash out. Either way, we risk getting labeled as unfriendly and unadoptable. So unless someone is very patient and understands our breed, there is a good chance we will never make it out of a kill shelter alive.

Onto the guy above. He was brought in as a stray with no name, so who knows what the story really was behind him. He cowered in his cage, scared out of his wits. Even worse, he was a senior, estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old. There was no way he was going to get rescued… except that my Aby friend Jake and his human posted about him in their Daily Abyssinian blog. The post was on a Wednesday, and he was scheduled to be euthanized on Friday. They mentioned he was located in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada. That rung a bell with me.

Just by coincidence, one of my favorite bloggers, Beth, runs a rescue near that area, Forever Home Cat Rescue. Her blog is called House of the Discarded, and it is a must-read for me. So I had my human message Beth on Facebook, and she promised to look into it. Meanwhile, I posted about this guy on my Facebook page and one of my fans, Mandi, wanted to help! She tried contacting the shelter herself, but they are one of those places that only releases cats to rescues and does not adopt to the public (I do not understand why some kill shelters are like that). So I pointed her in the direction of Beth… and together they saved him! Here is a short video. You can see how sad, frightened and depressed he was:

If you can’t see the above video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Here he is on his way to Mandi’s. It turns out he loves being brushed — it makes him purr like mad.

I think he knows how close he was to death.

I don’t know who originally sent out the alert on this Somali senior, but in the end it took a blogger in Boston, a blogger in Los Angeles (me), and two humans in Canada to save him! If that is not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is… which brings me to this award:

Bring on the Nip Award

I got it last week from both its creator, Nerissa, and from Sherlock, Traveler and Ash from Feline Purr-Spective. After thanking the kitties who gave the award, you are supposed to tell everyone something you are celebrating! And this kitty getting rescued made me very happy — and I hope it made you happy too.

I originally was going to cop out and just say whoever wanted the award could take it, but I think I will name one blog to award it to: The Daily Abyssinian, since they originally told me about this kitty. I know Beth doesn’t have time for awards, so I won’t pass it along to House of the Discarded, but I will say thank you so much for helping!

* * *
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