Photo Hunt: Upper

So who do you think had the upper paw in yesterday’s fashion gaffe?
Who will be the first to give the Smacky Paw of Doom?

The answer:
I even let her have the prime floor heater spot
Neither of us! We made up as soon as my human took away that awful hoodie. Although it did take some good floor heater time for us to recover from the incident.

* * *
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  1. says

    We’re not surprised you two were both upset with that hoodie – thank goodness the heater was there to help you both feel warm again after the shock of wearing it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. says

    It is like that around here as well. Those fashion decisions never last for long . . . Great shots for this week’s theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  3. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    We’re glad you made up. Life is too short to hold a grudge. Good shots! Have a good weekend!

  4. says

    We’re glad you two got along once that thing was taken away! We’re glad for your human that her boyfriend is coming home soon too! We bet he missed all of you very much!

  5. says

    I think your human needs to donate the hoodie and the rest of the clothes she buys for you for a shelter. I thought you got the upper paw cos she wound up in the hoodie. Glad you made it.

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