Photo Hunt: Seasonal

I must have been handsomely rewarded for this photo session!

Here is a blast from the past! Several years ago, my human decided to take some seasonal photos of us kitties. She thought I would make a good Thanksgiving Day card. In fact, it is still available at my Zazzle store.

Isn't cardboard meant to be laid on?

I thought the sign was better used as a cat bed.

Boodie thinks everything is lunch.

She also had some “festive” fall garlands which she expected us to wear. I refused. Boodie thought it was edible.

Show off

Binga played up to my human and actually posed! One of her photos wound up on a card in my CafePress shop, but she hasn’t transferred it to my Zazzle store because she says the “highlights are too blown out,” whatever that means. Maybe it means she wasn’t that good at taking photos at the time.

* * *
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  1. says

    Well we think all those pictures are terrific. We like the one of Binga. Good job Sparkle refusing to wear that props. Take care and have a great day.

  2. says

    Uh, Sparkle, these are cute pictures, but that one of you laying on the placemat (?) seems disturbingly like you are the main course. Ha ha ha. The turkeys would probably approve, but I myself do not!

  3. says

    Great pictures. Wish TW took “bad” pictures like those. Love the 2nd one. Thanks for visiting me even though my Net keeps cutting off so I can’t visit and comment. Things will be normal again someday.

  4. Ms. Phoebe says

    Sparkle mew are a true Queen lady cat to refuse posing if mew don’t wish to. Mewz human should know as mewz servant that they must seek mewz approval on ALL matters, and respect mewz descisions whether to participate in them or not! MOL!

  5. says

    Oh My Sparkle, no way would I have let any of that stuff be hung around me…unah! And Sparkle, thank you so much for the Purina coupons!! Got them today and Mom will get the food tomorrow in time for my former shelter’s Nov distribution of cat food for those who use our county food bank. One can of cat food helps a family keep their beloved pet in these terrible economic times. Thank you, Savannah

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