Photo Hunt: Promise

She is SO pushy!
When we got the Verus cat food not too long ago, my human gave me a promise that we cats could have the box it came in. The only problem is that it only fits one cat at a time! And you-know-who got in there first!

I think Boodie is being just a little overdramatic.
She used up so much box time that I thought Boodie was going to expire waiting for her turn.

It should have been mine to begin with!
Now, this is the way I like it!

* * *
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  1. says

    Ahhhhhh the lure of the empty box….it’s more than we can stand isn’t it Sparkle? In your household you have to SHARE……in my household the box is MINE ALL MINE!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. says

    Yay, Sparkle, you got the box and two ladies behind you giving you death stares. Don’t give in Sparkle. The promise was made to you. Take care.

  3. says

    Allie: oh don’t you just HATE it when the Natural Order of Things is upset like that? Maxwell got all worried about Boodie, and was deeply relieved to see her up and about in that last photo. (bleeding heart brothers, what can you do?)

    I, of course, was simply glad to see Order restored and you in your rightful place!

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