Photo Hunt: Haven

I was really bummed when my hammock was taken away

Considering the size of this house, we kitties should have all sorts of havens from human attention! Sadly, that is not the case. There are few spots where we can have total peace and privacy. Above was one of my favorite spots… but then the humans got a new mattress and box springs. Plus my human chases us out from under the bed if she finds us there, with the lame excuse, “What if we had to evacuate? I couldn’t get to you!” Actually, not getting to me is kind of the point of a haven, isn’t it?

The haven of last resort

This haven — underneath the armoire where the exercise equipment is stored — is not that great. It’s all wood and not particularly comfortable. My human knows we don’t use it very often because she has only found cat toys under here a couple of times. Plus, if we had to “evacuate,” it would be pretty easy to reach down and grab us.

This week’s theme was pretty depressing. It is just a reminder of what I don’t have!

* * *
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  1. says

    Indeed that’s not the ideal place ! You should have added something yellow and participate in my Saturday’s photo hunting here ! that’s not depressing at all, lol !

  2. says

    WE love the under the bed haven too. But we have ripped it all apart so no more place to relax. Great picture of you under the bed. Take care.

  3. Baby Tali says

    I really don’t hide favorite way to sleep is to snuggle up to one of my human beans..I do like your under bed hideaway though!!

  4. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    Your mommy should have saved the old mattress & put it in another room,say, like the should-be-catio! Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Sparkle, you poor kitty. We have a big house too but know how important it is to have a good hidey-hole or two. We used to have more than we do now but the human’s remodeled our kitchen and eliminated two super ones. Come check out “Cats in Hiding” for some suggestions. Your fur friends, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

  6. says

    Your under-the-mattress hidey-hole looks really cozy! A makeshift kitty hammock :-) Mummy is just worried about you in case something happens… she loves you <3

  7. says

    Your under the bed haven, looks much like mine. me too has shredded the stuff they ours on the bottom.
    Mes thinks yous probably has one that your Mommy does not know about, cuase if yous out it here, she would knows.

  8. says

    I’m sorry you lost your UTB haven, but the one under the armoire looks pretty good, though it could use a fleece throw or something. We have lots of havens around here. I go up high on top of the fridge and up on my spytower and Oja goes under and behind stuff, so I guess we are pretty lucky.


  9. says

    TW was gonna get rid of her holey box spring but couldn’t do it to me. Think of it this way, at least you have a home not like the cats at Cat Haven in LA where our friend worked.

  10. says

    “Evacuate the house”? That IS kinna lame. Yer Mom needs someone to produce better excuses.

    Fortunately, we are on the job!

    1. A Hurricane might come.
    2. I heard about wolves in the area.
    3. Bears, yeah bears too.
    4. What if all the soda bottles exploded. HUH? What would we do them?
    5. Meteors!
    6. Ans what about volcanoes?
    7. Dont forget the wolves…
    8. Gamma Ray Bursts from distant stars. We saw about those on the TV.
    9. Giant Rabid RATS!
    10. Worst, Mutant chainsaw-weilding ZOMBIE ALIENS. They’re evrywhere according to Sammy (The Meezers)

  11. says

    HA HA HA HA HA! My Human LOVED your post today because she is glad she is not the only one whose “mattress-undercarriage” looks (well, looked) like this! The Kitties Who Came Before made a good start, but *I* have really put the finishing touches that made it a masterpiece. I actually crawl up INTO the box springs! She’ll NEVER get me!!

  12. says

    I once hid inside a box spring for five hours. Glogirly was positively frantic when she couldn’t find me. She thought I’d gotten outside…even had all the neighbors looking for me in the bushes.

    It was Haven.
    ; ) Katie

  13. BrucesMom says

    At least you have a bed you can get under. My human has what she calls a low clearance bed frame. No one can even squeeeze under it . We used to hide in the closets until the human found ways to lock them shut. She is not all bad though, she put a nice snuggly throw on the bed for us to sleep on. She muttered something about trying to save the comforter.
    Jasmine, Joey, Eddie and Rosie

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