Photo Hunt: Fall

No spiders on the ceiling. Oh well.

The top of this armoire nearly touches the ceiling! Binga jumps up here all the time when she wants to annoy the humans. I think it’s too high. After all, a kitty could fall!

Who's afraid of falling? Not me!

It’s an awfully long way down…

Bombs away!

So I jumped! What did you think I was going to do?

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* * *
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  1. says

    Ha! That was quite high, Sparkle.

    Nicki got himself stuck up in the copper pipes in the basement again yesterday afternoon, while the human was rowing, and he wouldn’t let her haul him down (difficult because of the small gaps between the pipes). Eventually he figured out how to get down himself. Crazy cat.

  2. says

    Good job Sparkle getting down from that high spot. We love to get in high places. Hope the Small Business Saturday is a big success and that everyone sells lots of stuff. Take care.

  3. says

    that IS high! Wow! A kitty can handle it though! I did my “Small Business Saturday” shopping today! I went to a neighborhood boutique and a neighborhood (non-chain) grocery store! YAY!

  4. Katie Bella says

    The One Who Came before used to jump up to and balance on top of the door. MY goodness. She was the 6 pound Tortie girl, Robin.

  5. FuzzMother says

    How mean of your human to put you up there! You could crash and hurt yourself. I had a Somali boy who used to fall off cat trees, chairs, and trip over his own feet when playing with toys. His breeder said Somalis have no grace or dignity–it is just “Crash, Thud, Hi Mom!”. It took him three months to figure out that when he ran down the stairs he had to slow down at the bottom or he would slam into the wall. I miss him so much. After he crossed the Rainbow Bridge I acquired two Somali girls–they are not as silly as he was–but I love them very much and they have that wonderful Somali purrsonality (You know, Sparkle, stubborn, willful, obstinate….) MOL!

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