Photo Hunt Fail: Kite

My human does lots of pretty lame things, but I think this one is in the Top Ten.

I was positive we were going to skip this week’s Photo Hunt — after all, when is an indoor-only cat ever near a kite? But wouldn’t you know it, my human actually had one sitting around, for years, still in its packaging.

Does this look like a cat toy to you? Me neither.

She had some wacky idea that it might make a good cat toy! As if.

What the heck?

This thing sure is no Neko Fly!

Take that, you not-a-Neko-Fly!

And when I tried to kill it, I kept getting that horrid “N” word! You know… NO.

Boodie, it is not worth killing.

Boodie made some half-hearted attempts to kill it… and then she tried to bite off the fun plastic ribbon, and she got the “N” word thrown her way too.

And we weren't even allowed to eat it.

What a Photo Hunt Fail! Can I have my Caturday back?

* * *
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  1. says

    Sparkle, the least your human could have done was to let you kill that butterfly kite and eat it! (except for maybe the string…) we hope you are able to salvage your Caturday :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  2. says

    Gosh, Mom didn’t proof read. Here’s what we should have said: “That is a cute Butterfly. Pity about all the N words, though. Kind of spoils a Saturday mood”

  3. says

    Hey Sparkle!
    We has tons of kites in Mommy’s office! They hangs from the ceiling. Mommy likes unusual one and we does has some very strange ones from birds to frogs to airplanes to boats! Your Butterfly kite is very cool!


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