Photo Hunt FAIL and Random Outtakes


This week’s Photo Hunt theme was “global,” and my human thought she could make it work for me by having me pose with various globularly-shaped objects. Unsurprisingly, I was not feeling it, and Binga and Boodie were similarly unthrilled. So in lieu of a Photo Hunt, I thought posting some recent outtakes was in order.

I saved it for the downstairs carpet

I look like I’m going to hurl on the CATbaret swag! Fortunately, it all remained unscathed and made its way to the winner a few days later.

Boodie was secretly hoping I didn't like it so she could have it all to herself.

I look like I’m giving the raspberry to the Nature’s Variety Pride food, even though I liked it!

Take THAT, Platefulls!

I seem to do that a lot with my tongue! The humans would not have been pleased if I’d included this photo in my blog post about the Natural Balance Platefulls.

That cat will eat anything

Remember when our first copy of whiskerslist got stolen at the post office? Binga seems to think the empty bag was tasty!

Remember to scroll over the photos for the secret messages!

* * *
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