Photo Hunt: Daydream

Lost in a daydream...

There is nothing better than daydreaming in a summer sun puddle.

And what does a kitty daydream about, you may ask? Oh, lots of lovely things, like catching lizards, and eating them. Hunting for fluffy moths and crunchy crickets. Not just whapping Binga, but actually whapping some sense into her! And dreaming of a world without cameras.

Fellow felines, what are your favorite things to daydream about?

Remember to nominate me for The Petties, especially my story Humans Are Willfully Destroying Our Bird TV ( for Best Blog Post! You can do this every day until June 28 — the more times, the better!

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  1. says

    Oh that is easy, all we dream about is food, food. and more food.
    Sparkle, you asked when the auction ends, and it is Friday, June 18th.
    Take care.

  2. says

    I too have my dreams – where those ninjas and girlcats treat me with a bit of respect! There is nothing like the sun flittering from golden furs to get a good photo. But of course life WOULD be better without the camera.

  3. says

    Humm … I know Morticia dreams about HAM! I dream about the red dot. Endlessly. Especially when MomKatt is anywhere near the “special drawer” in the kitchen where it resides, cleverly disguised as a red plastic mousie.


  4. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    We dream of stalking lizards & hunting moles/voles, & eating!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Ashton dreams about chicken. Pierre daydreams about finally catching the squirrel that teases him from the Cat TV. And Newton doesn’t tell us what he dreams, but we’re sure it’s something naughty.

  6. says

    Well let’s see…..I dream of BACON, sun puddles, napping, BACON, dead vacuum cleaners, and BACON…..not necessarily in that order! Happy Caturday Sparkle………

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  7. says

    Sparkle, that is quite a magnificent photo. Each of us dreams about the same thing…throwing all our meowmates under a bus so that there is only one of us left to get all the toys, treats and loving. Alas, we know it’s never going to happen. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  8. Ms. Phoebe says

    I dream of snakies, goat’s milk, snakies, whapping my brother, snakies, Albacore, snakies, sliced turkey deli meat, snakies, snuggles, and snakies. In that order or reverse. MEWHAHAHA!

  9. says

    Those are great things to dream on, Sparkle! We also consider food the main thing to dream about, think about, bug mombean about – oh, and meals on time is essential.

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