Photo Hunt: Daub

She got a sample of this flavor at a conference and we all liked it!

My human is always on the lookout for high quality premium cat food that we all like. This is the latest food that passed our taste test so my human ordered a case. Usually she splits a can of food between Binga and Boodie for dinner, but this flavor has more than the usual can of cat food. So…

It is tasty!
I get a daub of it!

It DOES look like I am getting gypped, doesn't it?
You are probably wondering why I only get a daub, and not a whole portion.

I am not a pig like certain OTHER cats here...cough, cough...BingaANDBoodie!
It’s because I never eat more than a daub of it! Don’t worry, I get a whole can of my own food and treats too! It’s just not that common for me to like high quality food, so I get some whenever I want.

* * *
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  1. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    We’re picky too, but if we like something we want as much as our bellies can hold … or as much as we can get out of our mommy! Have a good weekend.

  2. Mandi (Westley, Horus and Miracle Max) says

    My boys are picky too- they like to be served in daubs and are fuzzy about food types. It has to be PATE or else they lick the chunks and leave them in the bowl….They get a daub twice a day with some warm water mixed in so it isn’t cold from the fridge. Miracle Max also gets some tuna-flavoured medication for his arthritis in his bowl :)

  3. says

    Mum says we are fussy too, and if it is something different we probably wouldn’t even eat a daub. The better the quality, the less likely we are to eat it. The only brand we will eat is Gourmet Pearl and it has to be with gravy not jelly.

  4. says

    Tee! Hee! Is it not fun keeping our pawrents guessing about what wes will eat – this week.
    PS, if mes could gets away with it, all mes would eats is KFC!

  5. says

    It makes the Human just CRAZY that I like my el cheapo food SO much more than the “better” stuff. I will eat the premium dry food (Royal Canin) but it’s Whiskas for me in the canned food department. Once in awhile she sneaks in a can of Wellness or RC or other fancy stuff, but mostly I just ignore it and then she feels bad and gives me what I want. Score!

  6. says

    We have to give Hobbes a “daub” too–he is toooo fat. Grace is too skinny. If I leave her food so she can eat to get her weight up, Hobbes eats it. They are driving me CRAZY!

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