Photo Hunt: ADD

It is hard to supervise when there is no room on the desk!

For this week’s Photo Hunt theme, ADD, I will explain how to tell if your human is ADD… as in Attention Deficit Disorder. It is easy — just look at their desk. Does it look scattered and messy, like my human’s? Then you have an ADD human!

Not fair - my human uses her loud voice sometimes, I should be able to too!

Sometimes the clutter on her desk makes me want to scream, but I am told that yelling does not help humans with ADD.

Maybe I should form a feline-with-ADD-humans support group.

It’s enough to make a kitty crazy.

* * *
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  1. says

    We would be willing to betcha our Mom’s desk is ten times worse. She so Messy. So she must be ADD. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. says

    Great take on the theme. My humans have it bad too. Of course I am sure you kitties help with some desk rearranging as well. We do! Audrey knocked Mom’s tea yesterday and spilled it on some of the papers on the desk. Tht caused some major rearranging fast!

  3. says

    I feel a little silly giving advice to an advice columnist, but here goes:

    You know, you can help your human clean up her desk. All you have to do is lie on top of the mess and wiggle a little, knocking items to the floor one by one. The human will then pick up the item and put it away. If she puts it back on the desk, nudge it off again (and again), eventually she’ll submit to your will. Pretty soon she’ll have the mess cleaned up. Make sure you turn on maximal cuteness so you don’t get banished from the desk before it’s clean.

  4. BrucesMom says

    Joey hates clutter so much that he took it upon himself to remove some of it. He hooked his tail around mom’s coffee cup. He dragged it over to the edge and on to the keyboard. Mom did not appreciate having to buy a new keyboard.

  5. FuzzMother says

    Our Mom’s desk and dining room table look like that.

    Sometimes you can make humans clean up their messes by making bigger messes! Catalogs and papers are great for sledding. And perforating important papers and new magazines with your teeth really motivate humans, too. We even chewed the corners on a library book and Mom had to pay a fortune to replace it. She never leaves borrowed materials anywhere we can get at them now. Guess we taught her!!!

  6. says

    Our mommy’s desk is messy but it’s in piles since clutter stresses her out. At least it does in her office because there’s plenty of clutter everywhere else in the house! Our mommy has a calculator on her desk too! :)

  7. says

    Ya know, my human says CREATIVE minds are the ones that usually have clutter–cuz they have just SO much on their minds. Hmm. I wonder if that’s why we could start our paper recycling center…Good luck with your human Sparkle! I thought the scream looked good :)


  8. Baby Tali says

    Oh My Gosh..I have to tell all my kitty family that our human bean Mommy has the ADD sickness..I know if we all get together we could clear her desk off for her and she would be cured then..Oh wait..we did that before and now it’s all messy again..Hummm..

  9. says

    *shakes head* And then you have OUR crazypants human who picks up after you and then you cannot find your bestest mousie. For realz. THAT’s going just too far. It’s the extreme opposite of ADD and it drives us kittehs NUTS!


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