Packing My Secret Paws Gifts

I'm not sure what Binga is doing with the bag - that has the human gifts in it!

It took us long enough to get our Secret Paws gifts together! And it is mainly because some things we ordered before Thanksgiving did not arrive until this week! I was kind of sad about that because our Secret Paws partner is outside of the U.S. and this means the box will be arriving late.

This is what happens when humans buy wrapping and bows separately

On top of that, mistakes were made. My human bought the wrong colored bows to go on the badly-wrapped gifts (seriously, she wraps presents like a 4-year-old), so we wound up skipping the bow part.

I could have told her they wouldn't fit

Then the first box we tried was clearly too small!

These gifts may have an extra-strong tortie scent

I won’t even get into Binga’s wrapping “help.”

My human could NOT have done this without my help!

But finally everything got packed, the card got signed and my human dropped it off at the post office on Friday! I hope my Secret Paws partner thinks it is worth the wait!

* * *
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