Orijen Cat Treats Are Finger-Biting Good!

I swear, she appears out of thin air!

It only figures — a package from Chewy.com arrives and you-know-who immediately shows up!

Binga is missing out... yay!

My human had to put her downstairs so she could open the package — it was a sample of Orijen freeze-dried cat treats! What a score! I have been looking forward to these because the Orijen humans have a “Biologically Appropriate” philosophy. In other words, they understand that we cats are obligate carnivores who should be eating primarily meat. The ingredients in their Original flavor freeze-dried cat treats are: chicken liver, turkey liver, boneless chicken, boneless turkey and boneless flounder. That’s it! No carbs of any sort, no weird chemicals. Just meat!

Boodie doesn't think she's getting any

I couldn’t wait to dig in! They were yummy!

This is proper treat eating form

I just want to say that even though I was crazy about these treats, I was very polite about eating them! See?

Don't worry, my human managed to keep all her fingers!

Unlike Binga, who tried to eat my human’s fingers along with the treats! Boodie doesn’t take treats from my human’s hand, but she did get some tossed her way.

I am giving the raspberry to Binga!

As you probably guessed, we all gave the Orijen freeze-dried cat treats four paws (and some fingers) up! Thanks for the sample, Chewy.com humans!

Disclosure: we got this treat sample for free from Chewy.com, but all opinions are our own. No fingers were hurt in the making of this blog post — at least not too badly.

* * *
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  1. says

    Looks like those treats are great !
    Tiger was so much like Binga.
    She actually did bite Mom’s finger when Mom offered her a treat.
    Drew blood too 😯
    She was pretty excitable about food,just like Binga.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. says

    those look nommy….and our itchy girl Licorice could have some too :)

    mom says “some” of us aren’t so polite about taking treats either so we end up eating them from a distance

  3. says

    Sounds very yummy and healthy! I love that the treat is meat-only. I don’t like food with many ingredients with names that I don’t understand :-) Great review on great treat!

  4. Pasha says

    Boodie looks so sad in the back ground, but we’re glad he got his share :)
    Call us crazy, but we don’t like freeze dried! Sima loves the raw stuff though.

  5. says

    We’re glad you all got to enjoy the yummy treats! We got a sample of these treats too and Daddy gave them to us when Mommy was gone so we don’t have photos but we loved the treats!

  6. says

    Those treats sound yummy, but the freeze-dried treat I have checked out were all made with raw meat and my kitties can’t eat raw meat. Julius did love the Orijen kitten food, but when I went back for more, the store was out of it. 😥

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