Not-Fat Tuesday

Using a wider angle lens makes me look narrower - who knew?
You know how everybody is talking about how overweight many cats are? Studies have shown that over half of all housekitties weigh too much! Well, we do not have that problem here. Binga and Boodie are both in a normal weight range for their size. They are actually pretty large cats in length and height, and they both weigh between 10 and 11 pounds. Sometimes Binga weighs a bit below 10. Boodie looks big, but she is actually mostly fluff — underneath it all, she is not much bigger than Binga is. On the other hand, my human tells me — frequently — that I am underweight and need to eat more! I actually like food and am often hungry — I just don’t like any food for very long, and my human has tried everything! My tests at the vet don’t indicate anything that might make me skinny, so it is something of a mystery.

I am hanging my tail off - is that cheating?
Usually I get weighed on a used baby scale that is missing a part, but my human’s boyfriend has a scale for himself, and when I stepped on it, my human discovered it can weigh kitties too!

Maybe I should have left my tail on it!
It said I weigh 5 pounds and 2 ounces. With all the pet obesity that is going around, I do not know why my human is complaining. I am happy and playful most of the time and I hear the camera puts on 10 pounds. So technically, that means I weigh 15 pounds, right? Maybe I need a diet!

By the way, if you are wondering what Binga and Boodie do to maintain healthy weights, my human only feeds them canned, grain-free food and they are strictly portion controlled. The amount of food they each eat is 5 ounces or less a day. And they do not get treats very often. Binga complains and tries to steal food sometimes (and believe me, she is never late for dinner!), but my human ignores her. I get treats whenever I want (and boy, is Binga jealous!), so maybe I should not complain about my human wanting me to weigh more!

* * *
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  1. says

    Miss Sparkle, you are the first kitty in the whole wide world I ever heard ” under weight ! ”
    Me, the doctor said my purrfect weight is 6 kg. now I’m 8 kg. imagine that ? How much I have to go through ” starvation !!!.
    But my dad does with me so I will do it. We both do it for mom, we want to live with her forever and ever. She is the only one who is skinny but it’s funny she have a big belly. She looks pregnant all the time…MOL
    Thanks for the tip, mom always want to know.

  2. says

    You are lucky you get treats! I get treats sometimes but my sisfur, Spunky Doodle can’t handle them–she always vomits them up. I am classed as heavy but was underweight at one point. My mom is still trying to figure out how much to feed me to get me to stabilize between 10 and 11 lbs. Right now I get 7 ozs. of food a day.

  3. says

    We think you look just fine Sparkle and better to be a little under weight than too heavy. Some of the kitties around here are too heavy and the Person is trying to get their weight down. Take care and have a super day.

  4. says

    You’re such a tiny girl, Sparkle! Me and Wally weigh a little too much right now…or so that’s what the evil vet says. So the mom has been cutting back our foods…which does not make us happy.

  5. Fuzzy Tales says

    You’re just petite, Sparkle. Dainty.

    We on the other hand….We’re a pound–or two–overweight. Derry’s very chubby, has a short, compact body frame that easily puts on weight, rather like our human’s. He’s an “easy keeper,” as people say with horses. :-)

    Nicki also has a couple of extra pounds on his frame, but he’s so long and muscular he carries it better. The human calls him “Mr. Muscle” sometimes, kind of like a body builder or beefy security guard or something. She gets a kick out of his “swagger.”

  6. says

    We think you are a beautiful, purrfect girl, Sparkle=certainly the hit of the Mardi Gras party!!MOL=loved your comment, sweetie, we are topless too!!hehe…Our Mommy would like Sukki to lose 1-2 lbs, but she is a food stealer too=Mommy says she has to be the food police around her (big personality, big appetite, Mommy says…)…Anyway, Sukki says it is all floof and she does have lots of that!…Happy Fat Tuesday, fun friends!!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. says

    You are very petite. We have one cat that borders on overweight and one that borders on underweight. Our overweight cat was very overweight but has since lost 5 lbs. He was not pleased to be put on a diet.

  8. says

    Ho-ly CAT!!! Sparkle, do you realize the orange boy-beast I’ve got living with me already out-sizes you?!? And he’s not even 6 months old! This does NOT bode well for me.

    ; ) Katie

    On a more serious note (drats) I’m on a diet. I’m supposed to get down from 12.4 to 11 pounds. Glogirly thinks I’m down to 12 but she’s not sure so I have to go to the Vet for a WEIGH-IN. Can you believe it?

    And W2, well the Vet says he’s normal (as normal as a maniac kitten can be) and at a healthy (no kidding) weight.

  9. says

    Ichiro and Gemini are always praised for their good weights. The vet says I am fat but she is pleased that I am a stable fat and my weight remains within a few ounces each year so she isn’t real concerned that I am over eating. She dislikes the idea of a diet for me, although I should weight 8 or 9 pounds and I weigh almost 11. Ichiro gets to weight almost 12 pounds is told he is a perfect weight for his size!

  10. says

    cute stuff!!! we are kinda all over the board here. Mo is probably a little under weight. Everyone else is pretty normal. And then there is Ivy…..that girl needs a diet. Mom just hasn’t figure out how to feed everyone else, keep Mo from losing weight and keep Ivy from eating everything. we are working on it…..

  11. Cheryl J says

    Hi Sparkle,
    My mom wonders if that it is normal for Somali cats to be on the lighter side. I am built like you and my sister Rosie is a little bit heavier. Hmmm.

    Purrs and Kisses,
    Baby Cleo and Rosie

  12. Baby Tali says

    I was 2 years old in November and I am so tiny and don’t weigh much at all..that is why they still call my Baby..Human Bean Mom says I just stopped growing when I was a kitten but I am healthy so she doesn’t worry about it..

  13. says

    Sparkle, you all seem to be the correct weight. My Shadow is 19 pounds! He’s a big grey boy, 40″ from nose to tip of tail and 15″ from floor to shoulder. My Bella is only 9 pounds, she’s a normal size kitty and the vet said “on the generous side of perfect”. I think he meant not to gain any more weight.

  14. says

    My brother Ping has always been trim and lean. His brother on the other paw (Jinx) is twice his size. We haven’t ever figured that one out.

  15. says

    50% huh? So that means between the two of us one of us is overweight? Wonder which one. We only eat 1/4 to 1/2 can of wet food a day and 1/2 cup of grain free dry is left out because if not, Mommy would never sleep, work, or so anything else. I just have a low thyroid or something I guess. The cat who came before us weighed 5 lbs and the vet always thought something was wrong with her but she weighed that for 18 years so nothing was wrong.


  16. says

    Because I don’t drink water, I get 2 1/2-3 oz. cans of wet food a day. If I eat 5 ozs. of it, I eat a lot. I’m about 10 lbs. The cat TW had when she lived at home weighed about 6-7 lbs and the v.e.t. used to accused Gramma of starving her, when, in fact, she got a 6-oz can in the a.m. and one at night but she just picked at them.

  17. says

    Kozmo, Me and the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Cinnamon is not overweight, (only Mommy). All 4 of us is allowed to free freed on crunchies and Mommy makes the dogs’ food, but wes all gets high quality protein and we always leaves crunchies in our dishes.
    Wes gets treats too! Mommy makes chicken jerky and all 4 of us likes that, and the dogs gets some special butcher bones and us cats has regular cat crunchies (we boycotted the homemade ones) before wes goes to bed.
    Mommy thinks its the amount of high quality protein.
    Now if wes could only gets Mommy to be a little less “fluffy”….
    PS Sparkle, yous is littler than mes! Me was 6 pounds even at my last vet visit

  18. says

    I’m happy you are all staying at a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet. That is an important way to help prevent so many diseases. I’m at a healthy weight too and mom tries to make me eat mostly canned grain-free food, but I do like the occasional crunch of my herring & sweet potato dry food. I don’t like cat treats, and that’s ok because they’re mostly kitty junk food.

  19. says

    Oh Sparkle I’d say you’re just petite and svelte and fit as a fiddle! You may be trim but in light of all the overweight kitties around, you’re “lookin’ good” pretty friend.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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