No Fun Vet Day

At least there aren't any humans looking up my rear end!

Here I am, at the vet clinic for no reason! My human, with the help of her boyfriend, had to bring all three of us in because someone had what humans refer to as “soft stool.” It was either Binga or Boodie. My human already knew it wasn’t me (don’t ask how), but I had to come along anyway because I act “aggressive” when my roommates return from the vet. Aggressive, really? Tiny little me? Heh-heh. I didn’t want to be there. My human didn’t want to drag me along either — but she knew I’d go ballistic on Binga and Boodie if she didn’t.

When did she get so brave?

You know who didn’t care about being there? Boodie! Can you believe it? She’s supposed to be the “shy” one, but while we were all waiting for the vet, she wanted out of her carrier so she could wander around.

She was asking for a whapping!

She kept trying to figure out why Binga and I didn’t want to come out — and we kept hissing at her.

Can you tell I was nowhere near as comfortable as Boodie was?

The vet checked out both Binga and Boodie, looked up their butts and felt their abdomens and figured out it was probably Binga. Binga also had a claw growing into her paw pad that needed to be cut out. My human warned the vet that her techs needed to put on their heaviest armor if they expected to do that successfully. While Binga was out having her pawdicure, I decided to explore a little… and I saw a ceramic treat container on one of the counters.

We were gypped.

Sadly, it was empty.

It looks like a purple print baseball bat

In spite of my human’s dire warning, the vet techs said Binga complained a lot, but did not totally freak out on them. Her paw did bleed when they cut away the nail, so they bandaged it up. They said she had to wear the bandage for two days.

She's not hitting any home runs with that

Binga did not like the bandage at all! She complained the whole time it was on and kept whapping the humans (and sometimes us cats) with it.

Somebody's gonna get bopped with that

She never got used to it. In the end, I think she was plotting revenge.

* * *
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  1. says

    Poor Binga. An overgrown claw and a bandage, what an ordeal. It’s not fair you got dragged along to the vet, but humans say it’s good practice to go to the vet for no reason (although I’ve never had to do it). Glad you’re all well and we hope the mushy poops clear up soon.

  2. says

    So it is Boodie the brave! Hope Binga is doing better now. Can’t believe there were no treats in the treat jar. By how clean it looks, not sure there ever were!

  3. Mr. Chivers, Greyson, and Tabitha says

    How dare that vet have no cat treats! The humans need to remember to fill the jar in between feline visits. And poor Binga. Our human provides pedicures once a month, we call it spa day. No nasty baths of course! Please keep us updated on Binga’s paw.

  4. Cheryl Richardson says

    Monster, as he has gotten older, is having problems with his claws curling in. I was prepared to make an appt for the Vet as he is not good about pedicures, but tried once more. I clipped from the front, which worked!
    I hope you are paying close attention to her paws. Having a nail grow into her paw must have been extremely painful for her to put any weight on it! It is very easy to tell by feel if the claws are curling in. You simply can’t allow this to reoccur. Please pay attention to this problem.

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