Pawty at Tonight’s #NipClub – and Buy a PAWtographed Book!

This is my dramatic look!

I had so much fun at my own Virtual Book Signing Pawty that I decided to do it again at tonight’s #NipClub! Every Thursday, a bunch of the liveliest critters on Twitter get down and party at the #NipClub Nightclub — and help out a worthy animal charity while they are doing it!

I will be selling pawtographed books from 7 to 10 PM Eastern Time tonight, November 15, and a dollar from each book sold will go to help this month’s charity, Bichons and Buddies! So stop by on Twitter and hunt me down as @sparklecat at the hashtag #NipClub and do some holiday shopping! This may be the only time I pawty and pawtograph for a dog rescue!

And if you can’t make it to the pawty, or if you don’t Tweet, you can always buy a copy of my book on Amazon!

* * *
Having problems with your human or the other cats in your house? As the internet’s “Dear Abby With Claws,” Sparkle had answers to many annoying problems in her two award-winning books! Visit her author’s page on Amazon to buy one or both of her awesome Dear Sparkle books!

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  1. says

    That sounds like such a great idea and good for you Sparkle to help some doggies. I know this is hard for you to do but it is a really nice thing to do. Hope the pawty goes well. Take care.

  2. Katie Bella says

    I will see you there sweet Sparkle. I contributed to them at the pawty a few days ago but I will head over there ayway.

  3. says

    I luffs ur book, Sparkle!

    Yeah, sorry about the tunes–maybe you can bring some earplugs? My Human is a throwback to the hippy-dippy era (she moved to SF for college in 1968, which speaks to her ancienticity [yes, that is SO a word]) and she don’t listen to no Velvet Underground. She was all about the peace’n’loves’n’grooviness, MOL. She ain’t a tough, punk, V-U nihilism-lovin’ rocker chick.

  4. says

    Awwww, after doing 4 DJ shifts in a week, I decided to take tonight off. If I was spinning, I’d play some VU for you and also some Mo Tucker, Lou Reed, Nico and John Cale. Throw in some VU covers and that would make a really cool set! Hope you sell a lot of books.

  5. says

    OOOH! That’s so cool! Mommy’s working on a shoot late tonight and will miss it (course she already has both of your books so we won’t miss out!). We think that’s a really cool & Pawsome way to help the Bichons!

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