Looking Back at 2012

I didn't know you could make champagne from nip! But apparently you can.

It’s time to say good-bye to 2012 and raise a toast to 2013. But before I leave this year, I want to look back at some of the great times I had.

I was worried about how many humans I might have to kiss!

Remember my Valentines Day party? It was lots of fun and my kissing booth helped raise $50 for Kitten Rescue! I still have that kissing booth, by the way!

It was so awesome that many of these kitties found homes!

My human went to the Friskies Plus Playhouse — a kitty dream house that was the temporary home for rescue cats from MeoowzResQ! Many of these kitties got even luckier and found homes because of the extra publicity they received!

Every day deserves a good box!

In addition to Boxing Day, December 26, there is also International Box Day in June, and I celebrated by doing a box version of the cult film Fight Club!

I am lucky to call Jackson a good pal!

I was fortunate to land an interview with cat behaviorist and My Cat From Hell star Jackson Galaxy! I think that to this day, I am the only actual cat who has interviewed him!

Will this be an annual event? We shall see!

Of course, the big news of 2012 was my tenth birthday on June 24, which coincidentally also happened to be Cat World Domination Day! Not only was it a lot of fun, my human made donations to Forever Home Feline Ranch, AniMeals and Cramar Cat Rescue and Sanctuary!

We love our scratch lounger!

BlogPaws also happened during my birthday weekend! My human went to Salt Lake City as my representative… and she came home with this awesome Pet Fusion Scratch Lounger!

I thought I had won the jackpot!

When my human went to the Cat Writers Conference (where she spoke about blogging), there were even more goodies! So much, in fact, that she wound up donating most of it. We got to keep a handful of toys and she saved a few for gifts.

You can still buy my book at the Nip and Bones store!

Another fun event was the book signing pawty I had on Twitter in conjunction with Baby Patches! She sold a lot of books at her Nip and Bones store, and our pawty was a top trender on Twitter!

Do we really have to run this photo AGAIN?

Of course, not everything was wonderful in 2012. There were some bad fashion choices.

It was one of the happiest days of the year to see him rescued!

But looking back, I think the most awesome thing that happened in 2012 was that I helped get this kitty rescued! The crazy thing is that he was in Canada, and I was in Los Angeles, and I heard about him from Jake’s human in Boston! But it turned out I knew of a rescue in the area and I also had a fan nearby! Thank you, Forever Home Cat Rescue and Mandi! You made my year!

What intentions will I set for 2013? I do want my books and Zazzle store to do better than ever… but even more, I want to see more cats rescued and more homes for the homeless! Please join me at midnight to make this wish come true!

* * *
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