Look What I Got (Finally!)

Hurry up and take the photo so we can open this.
I have been waiting for this for weeks! And it finally came. I bet there are a number of you out there who know what it is.

Is that really my profile?
My very own tote bag from Purina and Fancy Feast with my specially-designed logo. There was some sort of mailroom-type problem that kept me from getting mine until just a few days ago! But it was worth the wait.

It smells interesting too!
Look at how big this tote bag is! It is way bigger than I am!

I think she is wondering why her silhouette isn't on the tote.
It’s so big that Binga fits inside, with room to spare! But judging from her expression, I don’t think I would want to be that close to her right now.

So far, she is the only one who wanted the box.
And for those of you who wondered about Boodie getting any box time on Saturday… she claimed this box as her own!

* * *
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  1. says

    What a beautiful charming bag! And it looks so comfortable inside as well! :)
    I also think the box is a plus in all, I would like to try if I could fit myself there! MOL
    Love you dear friends,
    and I wish you a great positive week

  2. says

    Whoa! That took forever. I won a tote from Brian’s Home and received it the first week of January. I remember cos the SLH was here so I couldn’t open it till like 10 p.m.

  3. Baby Tali says

    My human bean mom loves her bag that I won from you too..she says she can fit lots of groceries and kitty treats in there and doesn’t have to use no yucky plastic bag..Thanks again Sparkle!!

  4. says

    Great, you finally got your own bag. Very nice looking.

    We just posted on the two we received (but not from Purina, like you). Jan just went to a small discount store a couple of blocks away and used OUR 2 bags to haul home a bag of apples, a bag of grapefruit, a bag of pears and a bag of onions. She says all those items were heavy but OUR bags made the trip safer than carrying the things home in a couple of plastic bags and having to pick them up every few steps. Can we charge her for using OUR bags for herself and not to bring home goodies for us?

  5. says

    Oh, that’s very nice! I wish it said “Sparkle” on the side in BIGGER letters, don’t you? Then everyone would know who was in that bag and wouldn’t have to ask. :)

  6. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    Great looking tote! We’re glad Boodie got a box. Binga may be worried you’re going to toss her out of the bag!

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