Katnip Lounge Outtakes… and a Pop Quiz Winner!

I am such a swift hunter, this was the best photo my human could get!

The Katnip Lounge kitties and humans were nice enough to send my human home with some new pipe cleaners for me… and a much-needed Da Bird replacement feather! I have been having lots of fun with them while waiting for somebody to come up with the right answers to my pop quiz! I was leaving the competition open until today in case it took that long for somebody to come up with all the right answers… but somebody already has, so I figure I might as well announce it now.

What big EYES you have!

May Ling was amazed by all the different answers everyone had! Let’s get to the first question, which was the one that seemed to have everyone stumped.

Are you SURE about how many cats are here?

Grayce assured me that there were just FOUR cats in the photo in the original post and even when the number was right, everybody kept getting one cat wrong! That was not Maui in the background.

Maui works hard supervising the home business.

Nope, Maui was in the male human’s office, keeping tabs on him.

She has NO idea there was so much confusion about her!

Can you see her a little better in this overexposed photo of Sweet Pea? It is Konakitty! Eric and Flynn had it almost right, except they kept seeing kitties who weren’t there. It was Ms. Stella O’Houligan who finally got all the answers completely right!

I think just about everybody who guessed got number 2 right — my human did not get photos of Scouty, CC, Sylvester or Tiny Johnson. In fact, she did not see sneaky Scouty at all, and only a flash of CC. Sylvester came over and said hello towards the end of my human’s visit and Tiny Johnson was hanging out in the male human’s office, along with Maui. And it was pretty obvious that my human had the most photos of Salem — she is a very social girl! Most of you got the photobombing kitties right: Rupert, Sweet Pea and Salem.

Who was it that my human got to touch? It certainly wasn’t Scouty, and it was not CC either. My human does not remember for sure if she got to pet Sylvester, but she knows for sure she got to touch Tiny Johnson because the male human wanted her to feel just how solid he is! He is a giant kitty, and he is all muscle! I don’t blame The Baby for being a little dubious about him.

She was actually getting a little tired of being hounded by the paparazzi!

I knew I was going to get a raspberry for saying that! But anyhow, Ms. Stella, I will be in touch for your mailing address, and I will put together a little fun pack for getting all the answers right!

* * *
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  1. says

    I personally don’t like when TW meets my furrends’ humans cos I think she sez bad things about me. I really get jealous if she meets others cats but I guess it’s OK if she meets my furrends as long as they don’t show me up. Concats to your winner.

  2. says

    Congratulations to the winner. he he – we didn’t have a chance to read blogs for almost a week and so missed everything that was happening during that period. For what it’s worth – we would have gotten the answer wrong anyway. So happy you and Katnip Lounge got to meet.

  3. says

    That is terrific and a big congrats to Miss Stella. I know I wouldn’t have gotten any of them right. But that was great fun. Take care.

  4. says

    Concats to Miss Stella! We love it when CB moms get together and meet their kitties. We were so lucky to have Mom Paula (Truffle and Brulee’s mom) visit a year ago and spend two nights with us!

  5. Baby Tali says

    Concatsulations Miss Stella..You should be a very happy ketteh..now did someone mention pipe cleaners..and feathers.. 😛

  6. says

    Concats to Miss Stella :)
    We are glad your Mom had fun meeting the Katnip kitties.
    The Katnip gang are pawsome for sending you pipe cleaners and feathers :)
    Cool !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. says

    I can’t even pick out Austin in a field of sheep let alone all the Katnip Lounge horde!! So I am very impressed with those that even tried, let alone got them right!! :)

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