Imperial Cat Toy Giveaway!

It seems like we hardly keep anything anymore!

Back in mid-June, I got an email from a marketing human asking me if I’d like to check out one of Imperial Cat’s Ice Cream and Cupcake catnip toys. Of course I was interested! But I also wanted to know if Imperial Cat would be interested in a giveaway. The marketing human never replied to my question about a giveaway, but last week I received this Ice Cream toy in the mail. No accompanying letter or press release or anything. I had to send my human looking through my old emails because I’d totally forgotten being contacted by the marketing human. We kitties have a lot going on, you know.

The packaging is also good for cheek rubs

I checked out the toy thoroughly. It’s made out of super-soft material. It comes with catnip, which you sprinkle into the toy, then seal it shut with the velcro closures. I bet it would be really fun to carry and bat around!

My human says we have TOO many toys!

I kind of would have liked to hang onto this toy, but you know what? We kitties do have a lot of toys already, and nobody ever got back to me about a giveaway so… I’ve decided to give this one away to a lucky reader! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below saying you would like this toy. It’s small and lightweight and the catnip is well sealed, so I am pretty sure I will be able to ship it internationally — that means everyone can enter! The deadline is Monday, August 4 at Midnight, Pacific Time!

I may have to hide this toy until I have a winner!

Of course, not every kitty agreed with me about giving away this toy… but I always have the last word!

If you would like to see more Imperial Cat toys, you can find a bunch on Amazon! I couldn’t find this exact toy but a lot of the other ones looked really cool.

Disclosure: Link to Amazon is an affiliate link. I received the cat toy for free, but I am spending my human’s money to ship it to the winner! All opinions are my own.

* * *
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  1. Paul S says

    I’m sure all 4 of our cats would have fun playing with with this, from the 2 year d right up to the 18 year who still thinks she’s a kitten :-)

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