I Was Robbed!

Can you tell how bothered I am about this?
Can you see what is in there?

Trust me, I know what is in there!
Can you see any better? Not really?

I hate when my human goes out to the should-be-catio and does not take me!
I guess I will have to watch from inside while my human goes out to the should-be-catio.

Can you believe she is going to let this delectable morsel go free?! The nerve.

Must plot revenge
Somebody needs to tell her a raw diet is optimal for kitties.

* * *
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  1. says

    Oh no Sparkle, she didn’t do that. That is sooooooooooo sad. You could have had your raw for the day. Hope your day gets better. Take care.

  2. says

    Doesn’t she know that Crickets are vital to the health of kitties?? why else would they have been put on this earth and made so darn pounce-able and delicious?

    I say you start a petition to get your cricket back..

  3. says

    NOT FAIR! BOOOO HISSSSSS! Those are so nice and crunchy too! Sorry Sparkle….you’re going to have to send your human back to “free snacks for my kitty” class!

    Kitty Hugs of Sympathy, Sammy

  4. says

    Is that a cricket? Years ago we lived in a house with what seemed like a whole cricket colony living in the basement – the kitties we had then had a field day but getting up in the morning and finding cricket legs (for some reason the kitties didn’t like the legs all that much) all over – Well not exactly what I want to see first thing in the morning.

  5. says

    you know what, Sparkle? That’s the kind of creepy yucky bug our mom wants us to eat if it were in the house…’cept it’s even too creepy and yucky for us, mol!

    But yeah, you did get robbed :) You need to find that bug again and put it in your human’s shoe…or put something in your human’s shoe…

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. says

    She did NOT do that! That, my furiend, is an unspeakable outrage. Just THINK how good that crunchy critter would have been on your discerning palate!! Hmmm, wonder what she’s got around there that might be worth “setting free”? She’s not one a them “vejja-taireeuns” is she? Cause if she is, it might be hard to find anything worth taking. Sigh.

  7. FuzzMother says

    Our Mom does the same thing, Sparkle. She is sick and twisted. We find the bugs and then she kills them and throws them out. If she is going to have the fun of killing them, the least she could do is eat them! Or share with us!

  8. says

    What IS it with these humans, Sparkle?
    Did you see the post I was coerced into writing today?
    I think YOUR post is the answer to MY so-called problem!

    If Mom brought me live delicacies to hunt every day –
    I wouldn’t be seeking out my so-called thrills!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your friends (and even your human!)

    Tsunami (and Legend – and even MY human!)

  9. says

    Dear Sparkle,
    Purrhaps yous is like me and leaves the legs. Mommy hates it when they gets stuck to her socks.
    So when she sees them, she throws them outside.

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