Happy World Spay Day… and Commenthon!

Yes, I came home from being spayed and played myself to sleep!

World Spay Day is one of my favorite holidays! I think all humans who have unspayed or unneutered cats should get the day off so they can have them fixed! But until that day happens, there are a lot of places offering low cost spaying and neutering right now. The Humane Society’s Spay Day Portal can tell you more.

I am very happy that my human was responsible and got me spayed not long after she brought me home. I am healthier and happier because of it, and if I am not always the best companion now (says my annoyingly clingy human), can you imagine how bad it would be if I were going into heat every few weeks? But of course I know I am speaking to the already converted. You know all the thousand-and-one reasons to spay and neuter your pets — so let’s get to the important stuff: the commenthon!

For every comment you leave below, my human will donate 50 cents — up to $50 dollars — to Fixnation, an awesome Los Angeles-based organization that supports TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). They offer free spaying and neutering for feral cats, and low-cost spaying and neutering and a wellness clinic for low-income families. They do a lot more too — visit their website and check them out!

Are you on Facebook? Even better! If you have a photo of your female cat’s shaved belly after her spay surgery, please share it on my Facebook page. I will post it to my wall and every photo I get before midnight Pacific Time tonight (February 26) is worth a dollar for Fixnation! The photos are good for up to $25 — a possible total of $75 to be donated!

I will tell you the results on Thursday!

* * *
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  1. says

    Oh this is one of the best post !
    I’m number one who support this issue !
    And proud to say I have been fixed ! So I’m totally pawsome too..tee..heh

  2. says

    I am at 200 % with you ! Cats should be spayed, that would avoid so many miseries with kitten ! And those people who still think that a female cat has to have kittens at least once before they can get spayed is NONSENSE !! I got my first cat in 1964 it was a female and I had her spayed when she was 6 months old. She lived 20 years with me and was the most intelligent cat I ever had !

  3. TyBee says

    I would send a picture of my shaved belly but my human did not take a picture thank goodness. That would be been soooo embarrassing. I am a happy and healthy kitty and am proud to say that I was spayed as soon as possible.

  4. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    We think hoomans should be off today too to take care of this. Thank your mommy fur her generosity.

  5. says

    I felt so sorry for my kitten when I had her fixed, but knew it was the right thing to do. She soon recovered and was back to her Spunky self. She quickly forgave me too.

  6. says

    Happy Spay day Sparkle! We are glad our kitten came pre-spayed from the rescue, but hope everyone out there helps out so that we can reduce the amount of kitties forced to stay in shelters!

  7. says

    Oh this is such a good idea. That is so great that Fixnation spays feral cats for nothing. That is the best. We will look for photos of our girls after their lady extomy. It is such an important subject but we just have to figure out way to get the word out to the people that live in the rural areas.

  8. says

    Hi Sparkle….GREAT post….commentathon is a grand idea to celebrate a VERY “good” occasion as we are all for spay/neuter and wish EVERYONE was on board with it. My adoption from the shelter was contingent on Mom getting me neutered and we totally thought that was a very responsible thing to do. Happy World Spay Day…..we NEED our humans to do the right thing for the good of us all.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy :smile:

  9. says

    We were both “fixed” at the RSPCA before being put up for adoption but Mum would have had us “done” anyway as she has with all her before cats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. says

    I am happy to comment. I love spending other people’s money. My breeder had me have three litters of kittens. The Woman was able to adopt me (as I was being petted out) for the cost of a spay. Sadly, now I am stuck with Ichiro–just when I was beginning to think I was done with annoying kits!

  11. says

    My kitties were older and already spayed/neutered when I got them but if they hadn’t been it would have been the first thing on my list!

  12. Raine says

    Shared, but no shaved bellies of my girls-I hope today bring a lot of awareness to something SO important & what a great thing your human is doing!

  13. says

    Grat post Sparkle and great commentathon to boot! We got no shaved belly pics as we were all a bit older when we were adopted and the furs grew back. Well, I didn’t lose that much fur, ask Spitty!

  14. Linda says

    Sparkle, thank you for supporting Fixnation! You are helping the kitties everywhere by spreading the news about the importance of spaying neutering to save lives and supporting TNR for feral cats too. Happy World Spay Day, you are the best!

  15. says

    Spaying is very good for us in terms of not getting certain types of cancers too. Glad that there are TNR groups like this around to help. Thanks for doing this commenthon. Sparkle.

  16. FuzzMother says

    Our human has two spay and neuter decals on the rear of her car. Her favorite one is “Save a Litter, Fix your Critter”! Thanks for donating to such a worthy cause, Sparkle. The furless one says it breaks her heart that there are so many homeless kitties.

  17. says

    I am probably to late to make your human pay up, but thought I would try. Sorry for not visiting. It is taking Mom a long time to get back in the swing. So much to do around our home and stuff. paw pats, Savannah