Freaky Friday Find

I could not believe my eye!

When my human’s boyfriend is out of town, a human comes by to walk the dog and give her extra attention. She is not supposed to bring things here. But that is exactly what she did the other day! She said it was in the middle of the street. I heard my human saying that it was cute and to put it in the should-be catio (although she just called it the “enclosed patio”) until she was done walking the dog. So of course I had to go look and see what it was… and it was horrifying!

But it did NOT want to be taken to anyone's leader!

Isn’t that the creepiest thing you ever saw? I think it was from outer space!

Binga could not believe her eye either!

Binga was scared of it! She took one look and ran away, even though she is at least three times its size!

Take me to your leader, my tail - prepare to meet your maker!

I was not scared of it at all! I was ready to show it who was boss by hissing and whapping at it! My human told me not to be mean, but how else was this thing going to know who was in charge if I did not give it the swift smacky paws of doom? Luckily for the little pipsqueak I was not allowed to get too close to it.

The dog walking human took it home overnight, and found where it lived the next day. It turned out that its house was nearly a block and a half away from us! Surprisingly, the humans who it lives with were overjoyed to have the creepy little thing back. I was overjoyed that it did not stay here!

* * *
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  1. says

    Holy cats! That critter is tiny, I could sit on it and smush it in an instant. I probably weigh at least 15 more pounds than it does. Glad it went back to its own home, he wouldn’t have had a chance in a house of cats. I’m sure its peepul missed it and were worried that it had been eaten.

  2. says

    You are joking ! That’s not a woofie !
    I think I bigger than him three times, and I love to do like William love to do..tee..heh..he can be my mousie. I love to hide mousie under my belly. Just give me a yell, I can do that for you and Miss Binga ; )

    Ps : that night, smell on top of my head is really bad for mom. she have an effect like a pregnant woman you know..tee..heh..but I love it

  3. says

    Poor little dog was lost and then thrown to the cats. Too funny. Glad you didn’t beat it up Sparkle. We would have given it a good smack or some of us would have. The other ones would have taken off like Binga. Have a great day. Glad the home was found of the doggie.

  4. says

    Not OUR bag, for sure, but I’m very thankful its home was found. You were right, though, Sparkle, to guard your home & your interests from strange rat-like creatures. 😉


  5. Mandi (Westley, Horus and Miracle Max) says

    “Swift smacky paws of doom!” I love it!

    We are very glad that the creature found it’s home and didn’t have to stay with you!!!!

  6. Becca C says

    You sure were lucky that the little doggie’s home was found. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be sharing your humans with another creature. It’s funny that Binga was afraid of the little dog since she looked like she was at least twice its size. My big kitty would have laid on him until someone would rescue it from the pin down. He does that with anything that ‘s brought into the home, just to show them who’s boss of the house.

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says


    sew like de big book oh werds wuz all like.. sum thin sum thin sum thin…

    we iz like

    rentz: a werd that meenz ewe; ewe bein sparkle; get CASH MONEY for lettin de dawg chlllax on yur propertee til him wented about hiz biznezz….

    sinz we due knot noe math we’lll just say: $ 95,450.75

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  8. says

    Every once awhile some human comes along and tries to upset the confidence of a cat. It never works, as you just proved, and that’s why a cat is a cat, and that’s that! Not to be messed with.

  9. says

    Yikes!!!!!!! We would not like having one of those either!!!
    We bet Julie would be the one to hiss and want to chase it away.
    We think she may have some “street skills” having been outdoors for a while 😉
    We are glad the woofie got back to his home and away from yours 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  10. says

    That is a dog?!?
    Me is glad that it found its home and did not become a permanent fixture. Although it would has been fun having yous tells us about it.

  11. says

    Aw, poor little guy! I imagine he was not at all happy to be there either. I’m glad he found his home again!

    We don’t like dogs here much, either. The good thing is that they learn pretty quickly who is the boss. :) Nothing like a five-claw hello to the nose–that sets things straight right off the bat!

  12. says

    shocking, just plain shocking! that’s all I can sorry you, Sparkle, had to witness that…ummmm…you could have like maybe whacked that little bitty pooch just to make him know who is boss…but then…he is pretty scared looking…just sayin’…paw pats Savannah


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