Designer Tote Bag and Fancy Feast Ornament Winners!

Are you as excited as I am?

I just want to say, I had way more entries than I expected! Thank you everyone, for making my giveaway such a great success! I wish I had tote bags for all of you, but since there are only 20, one minute after midnight last night, my human went to the Rafflecopter widget and picked out the winners! Here they are:

Cupid and Chloe
Beaded Tail
Amy O.
Sammy, Bubba & Harley
Momsbusy, Kintaro, TT, & Buddy
Coco, Jake & Angel
Judi D.
Baby Tali
Mizz Bassie Cat
Laila and Minchie
Dash Kitten (who is having it sent to a U.S. friend)
Melissa W.
Kathy M.
Truffle and Brulee

Confession: my human was a little bummed to give this up!

And the international winner of the Fancy Feast ornament is:

Hannah and Lucy

Concatulations to everyone!

* * *
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  1. says

    Comcast to all winner !
    When I read The name of winners, I think I saw ” Puddy ” but mom said ” Not Puddy, but Buddy ” Miss Sparkle, you know some times some friend calls me ” Buddy ” …tee..heh…heh
    I don’t mind if you consider to make a mistake ; )

  2. says

    That was exciting! Concats to alla winners (of which I see my name conspiculously absent) but then That Woman told me ‘You can’t win ’em all Ms. Stella’!

    Pfft, what does She know?

    Merry Catmas to you all!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  3. says

    Wow Sparkle! That’s one heck of a lot of winners! We hope you had a warm and cozy holiday. My Human went away for few days and hadded an affair with another ManCat. It’s yet another outrage in the long series that began last August at the Stabby Place.

  4. Baby Tali says

    I WON..I WON..My human Mommy is so excited..Thank You..Thank You..Thank you..She can use it to carry food and toys home for me and my family!!! I Love You Sparkle!!

  5. says

    OMC! That’s great! MomKatt just now saw this (we’re taking a break from the PC, Sparkle!)

    Thank you! We can’t wait!

    And concats to all the winners!


  6. says

    Thank you for picking us Miss Sparkle. Miss Cheri is holding on to our precious Tote until we have our FUnd Raiser pawty for Spooky’s Mum. We will be Valentine themed and you are warmly welcome to attend.


  7. jmuhj says

    Goodness gracious!!! FANGKEW, YRH! We can’t wait for our meowm to open that bag so we can take turns getting into and out of it. You are far, far too magnanimous. And we love you for it! May you and your servants have a wonderful, happy, healthy, safe, and prosPURRous 2013 year, and may we all collectively help to save more sweet feline lives!

  8. Cupid and Chloe says

    Thank you so much Sparkle! We just got the tote bag and we love it!!!! It’s purrfect, and really cool that it has yoor picture on it! Thanks again!

    – purrs
    Cupid and chloe

  9. says

    I’m so excited! Mommy’s been bad about helping me visit all my blogs so we just found out when the bag arrived today. Thank you so much! It’s beautiful and we love that it has your silhouette on it! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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