Awesome Friends Friday

It's a good life... when my human is not whining!

I am so fortunate to be part of a warm and wonderful kitty community here online. I am reminded of this every holiday season. Before she takes them down this weekend, I wanted to make sure that my human took a photograph of the snail mail cards I received from many of you.

This - and some catnip - helped me have a merry Christmas!

This door is right next to my cat tree — and it separates the dining room from the entry and upstairs living room. So every time I come down for dinner or a snack, I go right by these cards! I get to look at them several times a day.

And thank you so much, those of you who bought my calendar after yesterday’s post! I hope you enjoy them. I only have three left! So if you still want one, you can order it here.

* * *
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  1. says

    We totally agree with you Sparkle. The blogging community is just the best. Those are some mighty cute cards for sure. We got a lot too. It is fun. Hope you have a great week end and a very Happy New Year.

  2. Rufus the Cat says

    Happy holidays, Sparkle! I’ve only been a part of your community for six months or so, but I’ve loved every minute! Thanks for being you, pal.

  3. says

    We didn’t get cards out this year because our mommy didn’t get a chance to (she’s a slacker) but we love the one of Binga! We think the blogosophere is filled with so many wonderful, caring kitties and their humans especially you and your human, Sparkle!

  4. says

    Those are great cards. I did not get many this year but then I did not send any–and well our address changed so I am certain many of our friends did not send them. Lucky you to get so many cards!

  5. says

    We loved getting all the different cards this year. It was so fun.
    We hope it’s an annual tradition and we really appreciate Huffle making the effort to volunteer and compile a listl.

  6. says

    Here’s hoping you all have a very Happy 2012. Peace and Love for all is the wish of the 6 Mouskateers for everyone on the Blogs. We hope all are safe and Happy!

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