Adventures With Litter One

She SAID she was into the biodegradable part, but I bet she was MORE into never changing litter again

When my human heard about the Litter One litter system, she thought it sounded like a great idea. From litter to container, it’s completely made of biodegradable material, and it is designed so that when we cats pee, the used litter disintegrates into odor free sawdust and does not need to be scooped. The whole thing can be replaced after four to six weeks.

My human likes the idea... but will we?

The Litter One humans sent us a box to try out. I find it funny that it says, “For people who love their cats” on the box. It should add, “Also for people who hate changing cat litter.”

Unlike me, Boodie is not very helpful

There was some assembly required.

Maybe Boodie can't wait to use it!

But my human was able to put it together very easily.

I am not sure about the feng shui

We have never had a litter box in the living room and always need to go downstairs to do our business, so my human thought it would be nice for us to have the Litter One up here. She set it up in a place not far from where we get our afternoon sun puddles. It sat there for a couple of weeks and nobody seemed to be using it. My human thought that maybe under the table was too cramped, so she set it up beside the table instead.

Maybe she is reliving her rescue cat days

Boodie thought it was a cat bed. My human decided that maybe she needed to make its purpose more obvious.

Yes, she tried to put me in there.

She took the Litter One down to my bathroom and set it right next to my regular litter box, thinking that maybe we would get the hint. She even played a nasty trick on us by letting our regular litter box get a little messier than normal.

She actually likes digging, period.

Late one night, she thought she had struck pay dirt when she saw Binga digging around in the Litter One! You will have to excuse the picture quality because it was dark and she only had her iPhone.

Oh well

But after a few minutes of digging and kicking litter around (a Binga specialty), she used the regular litter box instead.

Almost like new

Finally, after a month and a half, my human gave up. She emptied the litter and it looked completely unused. She pried open the false bottom and there was maybe one tiny, tiny pile of sawdust, indicating that perhaps someone had tried it out.

My human was really disappointed because she thinks that the Litter One litter system is a pretty great idea. Mainly, the three of us never really considered the pine pellet litter to be, well, litter! If you have a kitty who might like pellet litter, then this would be a good setup to try out, especially since it is biodegradable and a safe, eco-friendly product.

Note: I was given the Litter One litter system for free to try out.

* * *
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  1. The Kitties of Purring Pines says

    Oh, we’re sorry it didn’t catch on. Looks like a good idea. We use the pine needles when we’re outside!

  2. says

    We aren’t sure whether we would recognize that as a litterbox or not, either. Especially not if it was in a room where we never had a litterbox before. It’s a great idea, though, and we think somecats probably get good use out of them.

  3. says

    I would have done the exact thing. I don’t like changes and I only like one specific litter.
    At least you tried and have a good review for the product which I’m sure is fine if you start you cat on it from the beginning.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. says

    We’ve always used regular litter, so the mom wonders if we’d use something like this. She also wonders how the sawdust would be for her asthma; the regular litter tends to get to her, especially when she’s pouring new litter into our box.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  5. says

    We think we won one of these, but it has never appeared at our door. Mom thought it would be good for the catio as we refuse to use the box out there and must come inside to do our business. So, that appears to be a total failure at your house. If we do get ours, we’ll let you know what we think. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. says

    Interesting! I don’t know how we’d take that system, either, but I sure do love to dig in a litterbox & toss litter out onto the floor so I can watch MomKatt fetch the broom! MOL


  7. says

    That does look promising. My human likes that idea too. I would have loved to know if you get urine smell as the time goes on particularly with the biodegradable sides and such. Darn!

  8. FuzzMother says

    Too bad it didn’t “work”. We are very fussy about the cat litter Mom uses. We really like the Respiratory Relief litter in the green bag and so does Mom (she has asthma and so do two of us!). The cats she has fostered will use any type of litter on the planet–but we won’t!!! We make her buy the expensive stuff because we are worth it…
    Serafina, Arya, Natasha Velvetpaws, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

  9. says

    We tried it out too. Mom put it in the downstairs bathroom cuz that’s the litterbox we use the most. Well, we didn’t use it until mom put some of our old litter in with the new. We peed in a few times but mostly used the upstairs litterbox. Like your mom, she gave it about 6 weeks, but we never took to it. She was kind of disappointed cuz she’s old and has a hard time scooping the boxes and thought it would be easier to just scoop poo instead of sifting sifting sifting for clumps. No such luck.

  10. says

    We giggled at Boodie laying it in! Our mommy was hoping that would work because she wanted us to try it out too. She keeps trying other litters for us that’s supposed to be better for the environment, us, blah, blah, blah but we won’t use anything but Fresh Step.

  11. says

    We kitties would probably use it if it were the only litter available. Given a choice we just keep using what is familiar. At any rate, sounds like a great product to start using with a kitten who does not have anything to compare it to. I know my human would love to check it out since she always complains about having to scoop the litter box. Meow and Namaste! Pippy the Feline Yogini

  12. says

    When Eric and I had a bag of pine pellets to review I refused point blank to use it. The pellets also go to sawdust when wet, but we had ours in one of our usual litter boxes. Eric used it now and again but preferred our usual litter so mum gave up on it in the end too.

  13. says

    A long time ago my old bro Eddie and old sis Sophie used to use pine, but only because at the time my mom had a hard time finding corn litter (which they had been using forever). Thankfully we found wheat litter and have been very happy with it for 10 years.

    Nice idea, though.

  14. says

    heh heh. Good review, Sparkle. Sometimes it is tough to convince us kitties when we are set in our ways. Our mom would love to use a greener option for our litter but we prefer clay.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  15. says

    This is hysterical! I bet I’d use it cos I’ll go in anything. Think of it this way: even if its biodegradable, once it gets covered in the landfill, it’ll last forever. BTW, she should’ve tried putting some of your business in it as a reference.

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