A Visit to a Very Special Place

This is just a small amount of the toys we kitties have!

My human’s boyfriend was playing a show that was only an hour’s drive from a place that my human has been wanting to visit for years! So she decided to go up there. I agreed that this was a good idea since the place involves cat rescue and she was only going to be gone for a couple of days. I even offered to donate a bunch of my “gently used” toys (in other words, toys that weren’t totally drooled on by Boodie or ruined by Binga) — and I even paw-picked some of my favorites!

I bet I won't even miss them

So I sent off the toys, and my human, with my blessings. Can you guess where she went?

This is the entrance

If you guessed the Cat House on the Kings, you were right!

On the way into the property

It was impossible for my human to really capture the scope of the sanctuary — it’s 12 acres, totally enclosed with a cat-proof fence! And there were many different buildings and enclosures for senior kitties, kittens, an FIV ward, an ICU and even places for long term and short term boarding!

Totally occupied by kitties

This is the main house. It’s 4,200 square feet and totally belongs to the cats. The owner of the Cat House on the Kings, Lynea Lattanzio, used to live there, but she wanted some space away from the cats, so she moved to a mobile home a few yards away. Of course, lots of special needs cats live in the mobile home now!

She always finds the torties!

It was dark in the main house so my human only took a few photos… and one of the first kitties she took a photo of was — yep, a tortie!

Isn't this big guy handsome?

And then there was this Bengal hanging out! The Cat House on the Kings has several breed cats living there, including three Bengals.

She tried to eat my human's straw hat

There was even a Sphynx hanging out in the office! This girl was very friendly.

She was just chilling!

This kitty was a Pixie Bob!

Not sure what this was - it could have been the Pasture Project

My human doesn’t know how many cats were there. The website says 700 adult cats, and there were too many for my human to count. Plus it was very hot — over 100 degrees that afternoon! — so a lot of the cats were keeping cool in places my human couldn’t see. The humans at the Cat House on the Kings make sure the kitties are comfortable during the extreme summers they have — and the cold winters too.

They all wanted petting

But the cats seemed to be better prepared for the heat than my human. The tour was led by Lynea Lattanzio herself, and when she took the group of visitors down to the river, a number of cats followed them.

Not fond of the paparazzi

This kitty didn’t want pictures taken — he wanted to be petted.

A natural supermodel!

This one didn’t mind posing for photos.

Yes, there are kitties in this photo!

Behind the patio furniture and the trees is the Kings River. The area where the Cat House on the Kings is located is dry and harsh and green and beautiful, all at the same time! The kitties clearly enjoyed living there, but even so, in her heart my human knows that most of them wish they had a family of their very own.

It's like they expected you to do something

The trip to the Cat House on the Kings, and seeing her boyfriend play an awesome show, were worth having to stay at a tacky casino hotel, where they made no secret of letting guests know they were constantly being watched.

My human couldn't believe they made these!

The hotel was surreal in a lot of different ways. But when my human saw this, the only angels she could think of were the ones taking care of the kitties, just an hour’s drive away.

* * *
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  1. jmuhj says

    We’re not exactly sure where Pariier is, though we’ve known about KHotK for yonks, and it really does look wonderful. That must have been quite an amazing visit — torti and all!

  2. says

    We love the Cat House on the Kings! Dad saw a documentary on it years ago and then jumped right on the intewebs to check it out.
    We donate every year to help and that really makes our hearts sing
    Timmy and Family


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