I’m One!

Where are the birthday treats?

Happy birthday to me! I didn’t ask for a lot for my first birthday — but I did ask for a commenthon to help kitties in need!

Portland Trip Extras

Another shot of me enjoying the 10th floor view

Here are some extra photos that got left out from yesterday’s post about my Portland trip.

My Trip to Portland… and Back

You see some strange things at the airport

I had fun at the cat show in Portland, but I had even more fun visiting with friends who live there! Plus I tell you all about my flight.

#TBT: Sparkle and Me

I was hoping for a treat!

I think you will like this Throwback Thursday, in which I compare photos of me and Sparkle as kittens!

Tortie Modeling Tips

You think you can model? Okay, let's see!

Since Binga was so insistent on getting in on my modeling session, I told her to come up with her own tips. I hope I do not regret this!

My Fun Week

I'm learning to pose like Sparkle did.

I had lots of fun this week, so I thought I’d just put it all in one blog post.

A Tough Show

Kicking back between rings

I competed in a one-day cat show over the weekend, and it was a tough one! Find out how I did.

Walking Your CAT Day!

They need to have a kitty in the break room

Do not believe what you read elsewhere — February 22 is Walking the CAT Day! So I went walking.

Valentine Outtakes

I look like I'm practicing a new dance step created by Elaine from Seinfeld

My Valentine’s Day party was lots of fun… and you know if you are having a good time, you wind up with a lot of photo bloopers! Here are some of mine.

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