MeowWorld Swag Giveaway!

I don't think ALL this will fit in the Priority Mail box!

I’ve paw-picked an awesome box of cat swag that my human brought home from the MeowWorld/ Cat Writers Conference – and I am giving it away!

Gift Shopping for Secret Paws

I wish I could take home everything! Scratch that - I would kind of like to LIVE here

I went shopping with my human for some gifts for my Secret Paws recipient! I can’t show you what I got but I can show you my trip!

Fluffy Friday

It amazes even me!

Yes, this blog post is pure fluff, but I can’t help it — look at my tail!

Off to MeowWorld!

I've never been to Atlanta!

My human is packing for MeowWorld (also known as the Cat Writers Conference), and it is going to be a big deal for me! Wait… what did you say?

Tunnel Tale

It took a while before I would even pose with it!

Even though Sparkle really liked this tunnel, I was not sure about it at first!

My Busy Weekend

Dreaming of Finals and ribbons

I had a cat show to compete in and my human had a conference and a cat rescue benefit to attend… I don’t know how it worked out but it did!

Little Devil(s)

I think I look devil-may-care

When my human gets an email about the Martha Stewart Fall and Halloween collection, do you think I get a new cat bed? Nooooo….

Sparkle’s Petties Award

Seriously, can I keep the box?

The box was addressed to me, but the award is all Sparkle’s! Here is what I have to say on Sparkle’s behalf.

These Freeze-Dried Turkey Liver Treats Are Tasty!

Sparkle left me a note warning me about this

I got some treats from and I can’t wait to give them a try! And neither can someone else.

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