My Non-Pro Photo Shoot

I dash around when I am over excited

Guess what? My pro photos were the wrong orientation for the CFA award trophy, so my human and I have to scramble to get more photos together! Well, she’s doing the scrambling — I’m goofing off.

Furminatin’ Boodie Friday

She actually did not miss the Furminator at all

It’s time for Boodie’s spring deshedding! Plus I have a few tips for those of you who are doing the same thing with your cat.

Outtakes and Good Takes

Great timing!

It’s been a while since I posted some random outtakes, so here they are — plus some good takes too!

Tortie in the Way Tuesday

Can you tell I'm trying not to look annoyed... and failing?

My human needed some photos of me, Binga and Boodie for… well, you can imagine how that turned out!

A Suite Stay

Peek a boo!

Check out the awesome hotel I got to stay in for this past weekend’s cat show!

Frazzled Friday

It's practically a glamour shot!

Once again, I’ll be getting ready for another cat show! But before I go, I have a very cool official announcement to make!

Toy Trouble

I had already killed it 43,238 times that day!

A kitty is always learning new things about herself — this is what I learned about how I feel about toys and bodies of water.

Pet Expo Show Cat

I knew my work was cut out ahead of me!

I competed in a very special three-day cat show this weekend! Just wait til you hear all about it!

My Pro Photos!

I did practice my poses... but didn't use any of them!

I know it is long overdue, but I’m finally sharing some of the photos from my professional sitting! They are pretty awesome. (And yes, this is not one of them.)

Keeping It Clean in Palm Springs

The way my human was looking at me, I knew something was up

I competed in a cat show in Palm Springs! But there was a minor disaster that needed to be fixed first!

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