Keeper… Or Noper?

Can you tell how excited I am about this toy?

My human was sure I would like this cat toy because it was like my old one, only new. What do you think I decided?

Pet Store Selfies

You'd complain too!

You won’t believe what happened while I was at the pet store, buying litter and taking selfies!

Box Day #TBT

I REALLY liked what was IN this box!

I’ve got another post scheduled for tomorrow, so I’m looking at some past International Box Day posts featuring Sparkle today!

Season Finale

Welcome to my Sturdi shelter!

I had a cat show in Palm Springs this past weekend! But it was more than just a cat show — it was also an awards banquet for last season’s wins.

Meow Meet Selfies

Pleased to Meow Meet you!

There was a Meow Meet during last weekend’s CatCon… and you know I attended!

Friday Frolic

Do I look like I'm full of mischief here? Cause that's what my human says

These are from the photo shoot that resulted in yesterday’s picture. They’re pretty much outtakes — but they sure were fun!

Open Wide!

I'm surprised I don't become unhinged!

Why does my human keep taking these photos of me when my mouth is open?

#TBT – Kitten Pics

I still have this toy!

It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m sharing kitten pics from last August. Prepare yourself for the cuteness!

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