A Tough Show

Kicking back between rings

I competed in a one-day cat show over the weekend, and it was a tough one! Find out how I did.

Walking Your CAT Day!

They need to have a kitty in the break room

Do not believe what you read elsewhere — February 22 is Walking the CAT Day! So I went walking.

Valentine Outtakes

I look like I'm practicing a new dance step created by Elaine from Seinfeld

My Valentine’s Day party was lots of fun… and you know if you are having a good time, you wind up with a lot of photo bloopers! Here are some of mine.

Prowling the Patio

There were a ton of birds making noise!

I got to explore the back patio for the first time… and I’m really excited about what I found!

What You Missed

Unfortunately, I don't have Binga to blame for this

These January photos never made it into a blog post… but I didn’t want them to go to waste!

A Ruby That Sparkles

She probably just heard me knocking over my water bowl

This amazing little Somali kitten has a very famous relative who I think you may know….

A Grand Old Time

I like this photo - it shows my grace!

I had a very big weekend at a very big cat show in San Diego! Come see all the fun!

Bookish Bloopers

Proofs smell different from regular copies - at least I think so!

Yes, that was a cute photo the other day when I was posing with the first anthology on my human’s publishing imprint. But there were a lot of FAILS in the making of that shot!

A Kitty Coda

I will not tell if it involved any more butt whapping.

Ha! And you thought I lost yesterday’s battle!

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