The Girl with the Cat Tattoo

The Girl With the Cat Tattoo by Theresa WeirThe Girl with the Cat Tattoo
By Theresa Weir

This little mystery romance from best-selling author Weir was briefly offered as a free Kindle download a few weeks ago, and unlike many offered-for-free books, it turned out to be a pleasant and charming surprise. It’s the story of Max, a black-and-white rescue cat, who is tired of seeing his human, Melody, hooking up with all the wrong guys in a vain attempt to bury the memories of her murdered husband, David. So Max sets out to find her a mate and brings home Joe, a kind and handsome young man with a secret life. But Max holds his own secret: he was the only witness to David’s murder. As with any good cat-told story, there are many fun and funny moments along with the drama and suspense. And while Max is the main narrator, Melody and Joe do get some of their point of view in. Some of the plot twists are a little too pat and coincidental, but the story is amusing enough to overcome that. At around 30,000 words, this novella is a quick read — you will probably complete it in an afternoon or evening — and you will leave the characters at the end with a good feeling. It’s a great download for anyone who likes a nice, light story starring a cat who is decidedly smarter than the humans surrounding him.

Available on Kindle only.

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  1. says

    TW is so behind on ordering books. She may ax for all books for christmas—not that I’ll give her time to read. Her BFF’s book is going to be up for Book of the Month soon on a SciFi web site and I’ll be axing for everybody’s votes.

  2. says

    Unfortunately it is no longer free. Not very expensive though. We read the free sample bit and it was interesting. Max the cat is certainly a character.

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