Advice – September 2012

You can find the original question to Sparkle here, on the Housecat Confidential blog.

Dear Sparkle,
As I am a kitten, I am a bit of a nibbler — and the most tastiest of things is my human Mom. But for some puzzling reason, she does not enjoy my fun chewing game! Sometimes, she even hisses at me when I start in with my playful little gnawing! According to what my human has read, I’m teething, but honestly, I just enjoy a good chew! I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I don’t draw blood (often) and I never damage the treat hand… unless I am really hungry. I mean, how can you tell a human you’re hungry otherwise? If I can’t bite the hand that feeds me, is it okay to nibble on the tasty cankle?
Nibbles in Nevada

Dear Nibbles,
Clearly, your human is overreacting, which is something that humans do with annoying regularity. Not only that, she is missing out on a very special time of your life! You are teething, which means you are losing your baby teeth and growing in your Big Cat teeth. Instead of complaining every time you need to chew away that itchy, uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, your human should be hunting for those baby teeth of yours. Granted, you are probably swallowing most of them, but there have to be one or two that actually fall out. Your human is supposed to save those and put them under your cat bed while you are napping because the Kitty Tooth Fairy will bring you toys and treats in return for your baby teeth!

Do not let your human cheat you out of this charming (and bountiful) tradition! Soon enough, your baby teeth will be gone and you will outgrow the chewing — and you both will feel a little sorry later on that this time has passed. The best thing your human can do when you start gnawing on her is to gently remove you from her skin, put you down on a wood floor or tile surface, and distract you with something else nicely chewable, like a rubbery toy or a yummy treat stick. But she should also be keeping an eye out to see if you drop one of your baby teeth (this is the reason for the choice of floor — kitten teeth are harder to find on carpet). If one does fall out, she should immediately pick it up and save it for when you are napping so you can get your awesome Kitty Tooth Fairy reward!

* * *
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  1. says

    That is good advice Sparkle. When we were small we had a cardboard toy box under our small cat tree and we used to chew on that. Mum found lots of baby teeth in and around the box. We still have some of our toys in that box with it’s tiny toothy decorations.

  2. says

    Great advice Sparkle for Nibbles. Sounds like he just needs a little cardboard to chew on. Sure hope that cute thing stops nibbling soon. Take care.

  3. says

    Uh, some of us never outgrow that teething phase only now TW says it hurts and it draws blood with regularity. Nibbles in Neveda needs to buy stock in hydrogen peroxide and Bacitracin like I did cos TW buys it like crazy.

  4. says

    Well, Sparkle darling, *THIS* must be what was going on with Miss Madie Mitten Kitten! When we picked her up from her fosters moms, she had just taken a wee nip out of Sparky the dig’s little weenie, ha ha ha! She was a nipping dynamo!

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