Advice – December 2012

Dear Sparkle,
My human has totally messed up my schedule! She was feeding me breakfast right about sun up most days, and dinner right around sun down. Then a few weeks ago, everything changed! Suddenly, sun up was “too early” and sometimes my human isn’t even home before dark now! She has gotten seriously off track and it’s very upsetting. I have no idea when I’m getting fed, so I don’t even know when to be hungry anymore. There must be some way to get her back on track! Suggestions?
Confused Kitty

Dear Confused,
This schedule business is one of the most puzzling things that humans do. Technically, it is called Daylight Savings Time and it plays havoc with kitties all over the world. Here’s the deal: while all other creatures on earth rely on the sun to figure out their daily routines, humans feel they need the help of something called a clock. As if that weren’t weird enough, they somehow think they can move time around merely by moving the numbers on the clock twice a year! Crazy, isn’t it?

The thing is, you don’t remember getting trapped by this odd human habit way back last spring. You were eating on the very same schedule you are now, then one day your human started feeding you an hour earlier. I bet you thought you had scored! You had no idea that months later, she would suddenly go back to the old schedule, long after you had gotten used to the new one. No wonder you are confused.

You need to show your human that you conform to no other schedule but your own. You decide when it’s time for breakfast and dinner, and refuse to take NO for an answer! Nearly any human can be worn down over time. We kitties are the kings and queens of persistence, after all! Your human will eventually figure out her own way to adapt to your schedule, whether it’s tossing treats from the bed, setting out a timed feeder, or perhaps by rearranging her schedule so that it fits better with yours. (Who needs to sleep in anyway? That’s what naps are for!) However you accomplish it, do remember that it is up to you to call the shots. If you just accept what your human dishes out, who knows when you will ever get a meal?

* * *
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  1. says

    We are getting Mum quite well organised – we take it in turns to fall down in front of her and do a silent meow – she thinks (ha!ha!) we are dieing of hunger and dishes out some food!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. says

    Our human’s sleep has been “off” since the time change. Used to be she’d wake between 3:30AM and 4AM (and of course get up), but now it’s more like 2:30AM. She doesn’t get up, though, in spite of our efforts.

    We shall persevere!

  3. says

    Bravo! Solid advice. TW sleeps like a cat and gets up every 2 hours or so. I just pick which of those times I want to get up and she’ll feed me breakfast. At night is when we have the big fights. I demand to get fed at 3 or sometimes earlier but she won’t budge until at least 4. Then when Pop’s home, as he was the end of Oct to the middle of November, my entire schedule gets thrown off cos I don’t know what day of the week it is.

  4. says

    I hear you, Sparkle! You must have given advice to my three as well, because they’re all over the place when it comes to eating. They’re driving me crazy — so I guess they’ve met their objective.

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