A Ruby That Sparkles

She probably just heard me knocking over my water bowl

This amazing little Somali kitten has a very famous relative who I think you may know….

A Grand Old Time

I like this photo - it shows my grace!

I had a very big weekend at a very big cat show in San Diego! Come see all the fun!

Geriatric Tortie Tuesday

Geriatric kitties might not pay enough attention to their appearance

This is the year that Binga will turn 15, which means she is officially a geriatric cat! Is she in denial about this? Let’s look at the facts.

Bookish Bloopers

Proofs smell different from regular copies - at least I think so!

Yes, that was a cute photo the other day when I was posing with the first anthology on my human’s publishing imprint. But there were a lot of FAILS in the making of that shot!

The Battle of the Cat Tree


Will my sneaky stealth moves win the day… or not?

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