Month-End Outtakes

You're not supposed to do both!

I just noticed that I had a bunch of leftover outtakes from September, so I thought you would enjoy them!

Doing the Cake Walk

Geez, I look like I have big bunny feet in this photo!

Just wait til you hear about all the cool things that happened at the show I competed in this weekend!

Tongue Lashing

The things my human does!

When my human tried to get a photo of me licking my lips the other day… loads of outtakes ensued!

Extra-Added Kitty Value

I'm a happy cat - can you tell I'm smiling?

Happy Cat Month is coming to an end — so let’s see how to make every month happy for us kitties!

Cat Show Success!

My human needs better treats if she wants me to look at the camera

I had a cat show this weekend in Hemet. And it was fun. And it was for a good cause. And I did well!

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