Hotel Room Selfies

My human was bummed there was no refrigerator

Yes, I am competing in a cat show this weekend! But don’t worry, I took the time to take some selfies.

Secret Treats

I'm about ready to open up the package myself

It’s about time my human pulled these treats out of the leftover BlogPaws swag! Yum!

Selfies On the Boat

I knew I was forgetting something.

The whole time I was in Catalina, I forgot to do any selfies! At least, until I was on my way home.

Vet Clinic Selfies

It's a flimsy carrier, but I don't fight my way out of it like some kitties do

I needed to get my booster shot, so I took some time in the vet clinic waiting room to take some selfies.

I’m Not Sorry

There is NOTHING wrong with this picture! Nothing!

If a cat knows where the treat bag is hidden, there’s no reason she can’t steal it.

My Awesome New Spot

Maybe he can just throw the whole thing out

I love finding new places to hang out!

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