A Special Day!

This was taken at The Urban Pet in South Pasadena

Because it is my special day, I want to share some special things with you!

Me Sleeping!

I really didn't need to be, um, tucked in

Aw c’mon, you do want to see some cute photos of me sleeping, right?

Learning About 9-11

She says I can't get any closer to her unless she gives the okay

I was born many, many cat years after September 11, 2001. But somekitty I know was around… and she told me all about it.

10 Handy Cat Tips for Humans

I've heard I have an intelligent face!

I may not be as wise as Sparkle (at least not yet!), but I was still able to come up with 10 handy tips that will help humans better serve us kitties!

Thank You, Part 2

I am in awe of the legacy Sparkle left

Sparkle’s friends and fans said good-bye to her in a big way! Today’s post is all about the wonderful gestures from you.

Spay Day Party!

They don't put these on you at cat shows!

Instead of Labor Day, how about us girl kitties celebrate being spayed! Details within.

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