Sunday Catinee: Cool Cat Tricks

Summer's Sunday Catinee

I thought the couple of tricks I’ve already learned were pretty great… and then I saw everything that Kaiser the Bengal cat could do!

The Caturday Report: All Blogger Edition

I look up to my fellow cat bloggers

There were so many great posts from my blogging pals, that I decided to use them instead of looking for news from the bigger websites! Sometimes we bloggers are just better.

Walking Your CAT Day!

They need to have a kitty in the break room

Do not believe what you read elsewhere — February 22 is Walking the CAT Day! So I went walking.

Human Manipulation Dos and Don’ts

This ALWAYS works!

When you are no longer a kitten — like I will be in a month — you need to work harder to manipulate your humans! So I have some Dos and Don’ts for you.

Valentine Outtakes

I look like I'm practicing a new dance step created by Elaine from Seinfeld

My Valentine’s Day party was lots of fun… and you know if you are having a good time, you wind up with a lot of photo bloopers! Here are some of mine.

Prowling the Patio

There were a ton of birds making noise!

I got to explore the back patio for the first time… and I’m really excited about what I found!

Five Things Sparkle Didn’t Teach Me

Can you see Binga's tail in the background?

I still have lots to learn, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of Sparkle’s notes! But there are some things she didn’t teach me — here are five of them.

Sunday Catinee: The Kitten Wormhole

Summer's Sunday Catinee

It’s nonstop kittens in today’s Sunday Catinee! Literally. No camera tricks involved.

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