Sharing My Instagram Pictures

I am having lots of fun on Instagram

I’m on Instagram — but you don’t have to be to see what I am posting there. In fact, I have a few photos to share with you today.

On the Set of Bird TV

If you think watching Bird TV from the inside is fun, you should see what it is like when you are actually on the set!

Neko Nappers Sleeping Bag Giveaway

Boodie is hanging her head in embarrassment

I’m supposed to tell you all about the Neko Nappers Sleeping Bag and how fun and versatile it is, plus give one away! But I have to deal with a certain tortie first.

The Caturday Report: Novelty News Edition

I hope it doesn't look like I am using a teleprompter

How much does Grumpy Cat make? Can stem cells help CRF? How can you make sure your cat toy is safe for your kitty? Find answers for these, and other questions in today’s Caturday Report!

How to Discipline Your Human, if You Are a Cat

Do Binga and I look stern enough?

I confess, I am a pretty easy-going kitty, but even I realize there are times when a kitty must discipline her human! Here some of the most popular disciplinary methods, and their effectiveness.

My Holiday Photo Shoot!

Maybe you should have gotten someone taller and ruddier?

My human set up a fancy photo set for my holiday pictures! Well, okay, it was only pretend fancy, but it still worked.

Rainy Day Thursday

Why? I am asking my human. WHY?

This was my first time experiencing rain. And it went about the way you would expect.

Fancy and Cool Cat Beds

Totally not my style

Here are some amazing cat beds to put on your holiday wish list! Don’t worry – there’s something for every price range.

My Long Weekend

A blogging kitty never sleeps. Well, okay, we do! Lots

I had so much to do this weekend, and I had a very exciting cat show!

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