We Are ALL Therapy Cats

I bet you feel better just 'cause I'm here!

Being a therapy cat isn’t something special or different, really. ALL kitties are therapy cats! Here is how that works.

Tunnel Tale

It took a while before I would even pose with it!

Even though Sparkle really liked this tunnel, I was not sure about it at first!

My Busy Weekend

Dreaming of Finals and ribbons

I had a cat show to compete in and my human had a conference and a cat rescue benefit to attend… I don’t know how it worked out but it did!

Let’s Talk… About Feral Cats

Maybe I can't be grumpy... but I CAN be serious!

My human went to a fun Kitty Bungalow event last night… and returned with more info for me to share with you about feral cats — and something you can do to help!

Learning to Grump

Always learn from the experts!

I won this copy of the new Grumpy Cat book from Cat Wisdom 101! Did I learn how to be grumpy? Find out!

Little Devil(s)

I think I look devil-may-care

When my human gets an email about the Martha Stewart Fall and Halloween collection, do you think I get a new cat bed? Nooooo….

Sparkle’s Petties Award

Seriously, can I keep the box?

The box was addressed to me, but the award is all Sparkle’s! Here is what I have to say on Sparkle’s behalf.

Kitten Magic

My built-in irresistible face

I hope no one has ever told you Kitten Magic is made up, because it is very real! Let me tell you all about it, and what it has to do with Cat World Domination.

Kitten Only Hotel Rules

I know ALL about hotels now!

If any of you kitties ever stay in a hotel room, there are rules! Don’t worry, they aren’t hard and some are even fun.

Vegas Cat Show Tell All!

I look almost grown up here!

I was at a three-day cat show in Las Vegas this past weekend! How did I do and what did I see? Just wait til you find out!


I earned those treats fair and square!

Even photogenic kittens like me have their off moments, as you will see!

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