Behind the Scenes

This was for the cover shoot for my 2016 calendar — as you can see, a lot went on behind the scenes.

A Real Happy Cat Month

Sparkle was right about this Happy Cat Month thing

The Catalyst Council has suggestions for keeping us cats happy during Happy Cat Month… but I like mine better!

On the Set Selfies

SO glad not to be wearing a costume or hat!

When I recently did a photo session on a set my human set up, I took the time to do some selfies.

Hat Trick

It looks like a growth on my ear

Do you know any kitty that would look good in this witch’s hat? I don’t!

This Time I Won!

We did not get to play with the package after it was opened. Darn!

I won the trivia giveaway from the 15 and Meowing kitties! Check out what I got.

Treat Like a Wildcat

This may be one of the highlights of my month!

Me and Binga and Boodie got to try raw chicken hearts for the first time ever! You may be surprised at what some of us thought.

Necklace Model

Waiting for my cue.

I’m not done modeling pretty neckwear! I’ve got something else to try on today!

Ordinary Everyday Selfie

I was hoping to get some rest

You’d think with all the photo shoots I’ve been doing, I’d have a fun, creative selfie this week! But no….

Cool Kitty-Themed Back-to-School Stuff From Etsy Sellers

I'm too smart for school!

Do you know somebody who’s going back to school? Then you should check out these awesome cat-themed items from Etsy! You may even want them yourself.

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