No Fun Vet Day

At least there aren't any humans looking up my rear end!

Binga and Boodie had to visit the vet clinic for minor ailments, and I got stuck going with them.

Sunday Catinee: Triple Feature

Sparkle's Sunday Catinee

I have a triple-feature for you today — an all-feline-star music video to benefit shelter cats, a funny Simon’s Cat video and a fun, scary movie from the CATastrophes crew!

July Outtakes

My human... ruining naps for Binga since 2000!

It’s time again for another round of outtakes! Prepare to be amazed by the badness.

Human Litter Box Training, Step One

C'mon, get scooping!

When we cats don’t use our litter boxes, it’s not our fault — it’s the humans’! So I’ve decided to start a regular feature on litter box training your human.

Sunday Catinee: Rescuing Kittens

Sparkle's Sunday Catinee

You will love this heart-warming video of four abandoned kittens being rescued!

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